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Anabolic Steroids

Steroids’ Effect On a Kid’s Health




Steroids' effect on a kid's health is something we need to discuss. These are a class of drugs that includes anabolic-androgenic steroids. These are artificial substances related to male hormones and have the same effects as these hormones. Athletes and bodybuilders often use them to improve performance. But it also has harmful side effects on kids, like stunted growth, heart problems, aggression, and more.

This section will tackle the following areas:

  • Youths and steroids use
  • Steroids' effect on a kid's testosterone level
  • Steroids effect on girls
  • Steroids for Athletes and Bodybuilders
  • Steroids and pregnant women

Youth and Steroids Use

The use of steroids among youth is rising at an alarming rate due to the increase in social media, fitness culture, and time spent playing sports. It can lead to serious health consequences such as stunted growth, heart problems, aggression, etc. Steroids have the harmful side effect of a slight change. Small Growth: Being short for a long time is a common side effect of steroid use among youth. "They can lead to serious health consequences such as stunted growth, heart problems, aggression, and more."

Steroids Effect on Kid's Testosterone Levels

A meta-analysis conducted in 2015 reported that the average effect of anabolic steroids on testosterone levels was "less than a 3% increase at the low end and less than a 1% decrease at the high end." The review found that even large doses of anabolic steroids have "no significant effect" on mood, sexual function, or muscle mass. Physical side effects: Acne, baldness, blood clots in veins or arteries (thromboembolism.)

Contrary to other types of steroids used to cure health complications such as asthma and lupus, they have been used by people young and old to induce muscle growth. Ideally, they boost the body's ability to produce more muscles and prevent muscle breakdown.

Steroids for Athletes and Bodybuilders

Athletes and bodybuilders have used this steroid to improve their ability to lift higher, run faster, and jump higher or sustain some endurance. Research has proven that most kids have also adopted the culture due to the pressure they get in their daily activities to find a cutting edge over their peers.

The drugs resemble the structure of the male sex hormone testosterone, which directs the body to produce male characteristics like increased muscle weight and deepening of the voice, an essential part of the male puberty stage that happens naturally.

Understanding this theory is key to discovering some of the drug's effects on a kid's body, especially when taken in excess. The results of steroids on kids can be experienced when they have been used for a long time.

Although they help stimulate muscle tissues that make the body grow robust and more significant, when you use them for a long time, they are very hazardous to kids who use an overdose than prescribed or necessary.

In male kids, anabolic steroids can lead to impotence, a condition that arises when one has a small sperm count and the consequent decrease of the testicle size of the victim. Since they practically disrupt the maturity process, they also affect female kids' menstrual cycles, which can cause infertility after prolonged use.

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Effect of Steroids on Girls

Because they act like the natural male testosterone hormone that induces male characteristics, you can imagine how dangerous they can be to your girl child. How will you feel when a girl under your care develops male attributes like a deep voice and facial or body hair? In worst-case scenarios, they lead to the enlargement of the clitoris, which can permanently affect her sex life when she grows up.

Some of the other general effects on both sexes include stunted growth that usually occurs because the bones start growing abnormally, affecting the development of different body parts, abnormal enlargement of body muscles, increased breast growth for male kids, unnecessary muscle aches, and heightened tendency of hair growth that in some cases leads to baldness in male kids when they reach their puberty stages.

Medical practitioners advise guardians and parents of kids who are active in sporting activities should take care of their kids to ensure that they don't use these drugs, especially when they are at the eighth of their sport.

Note that in some countries or states, these anabolic steroids are illegal; therefore, purchasing or having the drugs is being on the wrong side of the law, one of the last things you want to happen to your kid.

Steroids and Pregnant Women

Steroids in pregnant women can lead to a variety of side effects. These steroids can cause the fetus to be born with congenital disabilities and developmental problems. Some side effects of steroids in pregnant women can cause low birth weight, premature delivery, and miscarriage. The risks are higher if the mother takes high doses of steroids or has been taking them for a long time.

Some side effects of steroids in pregnant women can cause low birth weight, premature delivery, and miscarriage. The risks are higher if the mother takes high doses of steroids or has been taking them for a long time. These steroids can also lead to thick skin on the baby's face and an enlarged heart. Some other possible side effects of steroid use during pregnancy include fluid retention, high blood pressure, and gestational diabetes. This increased risk is seen from both oral and injectable steroids.

Intramuscular injections of corticosteroids can result in a condition known as "drug-induced thrombocytopenia" (DITP), which is caused by the increased levels of corticosteroids in the body. This decreases platelets and white blood cells that fight infection and speeds up wound healing. In a study of people who had been hospitalized for DITP, it was noted that 40% had no history of taking steroids or other potent drugs.


Many pregnant women are unaware of the risks of using steroids and often use them to help with morning sickness or hope it will help them lose weight. Steroids can cause congenital disabilities and severe health problems for the baby if taken during pregnancy. How often should a pregnant woman take steroids? The advice is to avoid using them unless medically necessary and to use them sparingly. The typical dose is 1-2 milligrams per kilogram of body weight per day. A woman should weigh herself before each dose in case the dosage needs to be adjusted, and a doctor will provide instructions on when it's safe to give the baby steroids if an emergency happens.

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