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Effects of Steroids on Teens




Corticosteroid drugs are commonly called steroids. These are potent chemical substances that can reduce inflammation quickly. Earlier, these steroids on teens were used only for treating some health-related problems after noticing that these steroids are closely related to cortisol. This hormone comes from the cortex of the adrenal glands. Its function is to boost the mood and power of the person. These steroids were performance-enhancing drugs being used and abused, especially in sports.

As every medicine has some effects on its user, likewise, these steroids also have side effects and after-effects on their users. Here in this article, we will mainly discuss the results of steroids, especially on adolescents.

I was surprised to know that a vast majority of teenagers either have started taking one type of steroids or the other, or they are collecting information about the uses and abuses of these drugs. It also shows how much concern they are offering about these medicines.

It is an alarming situation, and we ought to handle it wisely. First, I want to look at the few points that may have become the cause of the use of steroids among teens. Adolescence is the age that is called the age of change.

Teenagers and Insecurities

Every teenager is developing some new type of feelings. It is when some insecurities and dependencies grow in a child's personality. And it is when several psychological changes are in every individual character. You can give different names to these changes, but you should handle them with great care.

Effects of Steroids on Teens

If mistreated, it may be dangerous. At this age, the boy or the girl is unable to make a decision. So it would be best if you did not let them alone to decide whether they should take a steroid or not; what cycle they should adopt to take steroids and what they should not. It would help if you guided them at this time of tension.

In my opinion, stunting growth plates is the worst effect of steroids on teens. These teen years are the peak time of growth. If you start taking steroids during this period, your bones will stop growing. The people who take steroids complain of pain in their bones.

The sooner you start taking steroids, the sooner you will feel its side effects. So do you agree that you should take these extra pains without any reason? Acne is another side effect of using steroids.

Teenagers are very much concerned about their beauty. They strongly reject the things that can affect their beauty. You may also experience man-like baldness if you take steroids. It will affect your beauty. So do you think that you should take steroids for nothing?


In my opinion, we should never use steroids on teens. Instead of using them to increase their power, they should use a healthy diet. They should do some strength exercises to enhance their ability. These things not only increase their power but also they will enjoy the extra beauty that comes only with health.

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