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Anabolic Steroids

Fake and Real Steroids: Know the Difference




++ Scientifically called Anabolic steroids (AAS), bodybuilders use them to enhance muscle growth and speed up body toning. Steroids or supplements assist in rapid muscle growth, especially for new and young bodybuilders. Since it has become very popular with the new crop of bodybuilders and athletes, the market for steroids has livened up. But what is the main difference between real and fake steroids?

       You may not tell the difference quickly because most fake steroids mimic the real ones. However, with the help of an expert or someone with experience with steroids, you can easily pick out a counterfeit product. In this article, we will look at some ways to identify fake steroid products. 

Market Competition

Competitors are introducing new products with unique branding, pricing, marketing, and distribution. Internet shopping has increased rapidly, with users buying stuff online and from websites. The competition is intense, more than ever before.

Steroids are complicated drugs that consist of soy protein, whey protein, monohydrate, etc. One can also use steroids for medical purposes. What a user should know is how to differentiate between qualities and also between real and fake steroids. Although you might not tell for sure which steroids are real or fake, there are always clues you could use. But as one gets used to buying steroids, they would eventually master the art of knowing the difference. You can also observe how the drugs affect other users and avoid those that seem harmful. This strategy employs the concept of learning from the experiences of others rather than your own.

Scientific Testing of Steroids

There are scientific ways to detect steroids, e.g., you can check the ingredients; does it contain the correct quantity of whey protein and monohydrate? Are the soy protein and other vitamins present? All these things differ in the number of steroids available on the market. You will tell a steroid is fake if it doesn't contain some or all of the components mentioned above. Importantly, don't let the writings on the level deceive you because anyone can write anything on it.

The best thing to do is to verify the source of the steroid before starting to consume it. Alternatively, you can take it to the lab so they can identify individual ingredients. The latter could cost you a fortune, but it is worth it in the long term. People tend to rush to buy cheap products without regard for their health. What they do not know is that the consequences are far-reaching. Scientific testing of steroids is a concept that is still under development so more research is needed to make it foolproof. zaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Know From The Experts

A straightforward way to eliminate many doubts is to consult an expert, a veteran of using steroids, who can pick out fake or substandard drugs from the real ones. Usually, vendors try to fool people by adding a few vitamins and making up a supplement that looks good from the outside but has little or no effect.

You can use marketing techniques to attract customers like a fancy logo, discounted rates, advertisements, etc. The consumer should be precautious while checking out a new product or an unknown company and ensure he is buying the right thing. Most fake steroid companies have top-notch marketing techniques and campaigns which run for a short time. By the time they went offline, they would have attracted a lot of unsuspecting customers to purchase fake products. And by the time one realizes they had been duped, it would be too late, and there would be no trace of the company. It is also important to note that fake products are 90% sure to cause health problems. That is not to mention that some could potentially land you in trouble with the law.

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Shopping for Steroids Online

While shopping for steroids online, you should check and verify the company's status, reputation, and location. We should also examine disclaimers for small things such as copyright issues and footnotes. Frauds and cheats usually try to pull fast ones by putting zigzag lines on their product which ultimately helps them lawfully in court. Therefore extra precautions disclaimers may indicate that the product is substandard.

Some experts suggest that one can smell the substance in the supplement, and anyone who uses it regularly can differentiate easily between a quality steroid and a weird-smelling one. Another way is to get it tested in a laboratory.

It would help the consumer in determining which company is reliable and which one is not. Producers and makers of drugs in some countries are known the create replicas (fake copies) of an authorized quality product.

Know What the Law Says

We should take legal action if any such conspiracy comes to light. Some steroids, when taken without water, can taste very bad. One should avoid casually tasting it without the proper solutions.

Steroids help you muscle up and have the body you always want. But it is also known that using substandard or fake drugs can have diverse effects and harm your body. Professional medical consultation is advised and recommended to eliminate any chances of counterfeit or substandard supplements or steroids.

Take Away

Knowing the difference between real and fake steroids will go a long way in ensuring you take a safe and legal product. Additionally, bodybuilders and athletes who take their time to verify the quality and source of the steroid they intend to take stand a chance of reaping maximum benefits. There is a thin line between genuine and counterfeit steroids because some rogue manufacturers have perfected the art of cloning. The best way to tell whether the product is real is to take them to your doctor so they can test it. You can also consult your trainer to get their view of the product. Finally, visit our shop for quality steroids and supplements at reduced prices. We also have plenty of informative articles to help with your overall fitness. Feel free to explore!

Must Read:  6 Ways to Verify If a Steroid Is Fake

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