Do Anabolic Steroids Pose Any Dangers for Body Builders?

Anabolic steroids are associated with many myths and stories that demonize their use.  Many believe they are cheap, harmful, easy to find drugs that if used can cause death. But is this really the case?Anytime the use of steroids pops up in the media or in the backstreets; there is a fear that emerges because of the illegality that these drugs hold.

There is that fear of death, jail-term, money laundering, addiction and psychological dependence. All these fears appear because of the perception that we’ve held on these drugs. They are usually sold in the black markets since governments have never really endorsed the production and use of steroids. Many religions have been known to term Anabolic Steroids as ‘blasphemous’. Whatever the perception, steroids are usually associated with lots of myths and beliefs. In a nutshell, Anabolic steroids are an artificial substitute for natural testosterone. They help boost metabolism and help increase the muscle size, strength and stamina.

In fact, bodybuilders have been known to use them for quicker and more satisfactory effects.
But are all these myths that we hear about Anabolic Steroids truthful or fictitious? Is it true that they can cause death? Because as far as am concerned the answer may be both yes and no. Just like any drugs even the ‘innocent’ prescription drugs if used in large quantities can cause death. So, all this crap about death is not something distinct with Steroids.

Then, there is the myth about the availability of Anabolic steroids in the market. That’s not true at all. Ask bodybuilders and they will tell you just how hard it is to get them. In fact, it’s like a club that only accepts members only.  New guys have to be endorsed by pioneers and prove to be trustworthy. Black markets are very sensitive and require careful trending, so it’s all mythical that they are readily available. Of course, the biggest misconception about Anabolic steroids is that they are cheap.

They are not! In fact, bodybuilders have to part with a fortune to acquire these drugs. And the maintenance is what cost them even more. Of course, for best results, you have to take them daily and eat a balanced and expensive diet.  Eggs, milk, vegetables and fruits, and of course oils and carbohydrates have to be in plenty. All this does not sound cheap to anyone.

Evidently, there is the question whether Anabolic steroids increase male vitality. Guys who don’t pump will tell you that their flexing counterparts are poor performers in bed. The bodybuilders will defend themselves and say the drugs increases stamina and metabolism. Whatever the case abuse will definitely cause problems. So it’s all about being responsible and disciplined as a far as steroid use is concerned. But as far as bodybuilders are concerned bigger muscles, more strength and winning favor and fame is what always counts.

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