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Facts to Know About Steroids




It doesn’t surprise anymore that the number of steroid users increases every year. More than 6 millions of americans are using body enhancement drugs. From them 1, 5 millions are young people. Steroids consumption is a trend that despite of all taken measures by authority to limit their use, continue to be popular and it will be so long time ahead.

If you decided to improve your body shape throughout steroids use than getting informed about what these drugs are is the first step to take. Doing so you will gather enough information to have an entire imagine about safe use of anabolic steroids. For the most part, the health problems caused by steroids use are the result of misusing- high doses of two or more steroids administered for long time.

We simply your research work and come up here with ten top facts to know about anabolic steroids. Main information about steroids shared in few paragraphs easy to read is what you find below. Read further and get informed.

-Steroids are used for treating a series of diseases. Anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS) are the ones used for building muscle mass. In short they are called steroids or anabolic steroids. Anabolic means that they promote anabolism process (muscle growth), while androgenic function is responsible for maintaining and development of male characteristics.
In many countries anabolic steroids are illegal, including USA. To purchase one you need a medical prescription. You can not just simply buy it from any pharmacy. Instead, on the black market there are wide range of steroids at different prices. The problem is that if you are caught with steroids possession or even worst manufacturing or selling you risk years of prison.

Also, be careful if you have to travel while cycling. Coming from a country where steroids are legal and trying to enter the one where steroids are prohibited can cause serious problems. Get informed about the state law you are going and see what it say about anabolic steroids. Be cautious and delay traveling abroad until you finish steroid cycle.

-The steroids usage is organized in cycles and stacks. Cycles is the period of time you take steroids, while stacks means mixing two or more steroids during a one cycle. In average the length of a steroid cycle is about 6-8 weeks. Advanced steroid users might take them for 12 weeks. Depending on the goal you want to achieve -bulking, cutting or increasing body strength indicators- you have to choose steroids accordingly.

The base of each cycle is testerone. When stacking use a oral and injectable. Look for the ones who have synergetic effects, to better achieve your goals. PCT -post cycle therapy is a stage included in cycle during which the steroids use is ceased and are taken drugs that help the body return to his previous functions.

-Injectable steroids are more effective than orals. If you fear needles, than oral steroids is what you choose. No painful, oral steroids provide with fewer results and carry the risk to damage your liver. On the other side, injectable steroids offer noticeable results within days, especially when used locally. Just be careful with the doses you use and buy only legit steroids.

The use of steroids among teenagers has raised up during the last years. Last statistics show that in their aim to build a nice body more and more young people make use of steroids to reach this purpose. Anabolics have not to be used by people younger than 18-20 years since their body is not formed yet. Moreover, because of lack of education teenagers misuse steroids thus causing serious health problems.

-Main cause of side effects occurrence when using steroids is long-term administration in high doses. Adjust the length and mix of steroid cycle to your experience as a steroid user. A beginner get great results following low doses for short time. With time, you have to increase these indicators. All of the side effects caused of steroids use disappear once the administration is end up.

-Be ready to lose 10-15% of muscle gained over the cycle. You will not manage to keep the muscle mass volume in the pick of the cycle. During 1-2 weeks after the cycle is finished is normal to lose 10%, up to 15% of muscle gains. A coefficient higher than this means that you have not properly handled PCT. Also workout and diet play a big role to keeping the weight gained. Make sure you know everything about this before getting involved in cycling.

-Steroids have side effects.In men steroids might cause gynecomastia, shrinking of testicules, hair loss, infertility. The worst side effects caused by steroids use in women are virilization effects (dipping of the voice, hair growth on the body parts), enlarged clitoris and others. Irritability, insomnia, mood swings are some of the psychological side effects induced by steroid use.

-Human grade labs (HGL) versus underground grade labs (UGL). These terms are frequently mentioned in the steroid community. HGL steroids are produced by pharmacies, with strict control of quality measures. These steroids are good quality, properly dosed with no risk of being contaminated with varia bacterias.

On the other hand, UGL steroids are produced with no control of authorities. Buying such a product is at your risk. There are many cases when UG steroids bought on the black market were not just underdosed or contaminated, but even contain another solution that the one labeled on it.

The main difference between them is the price and the wide range to choose from. HG steroids are more expensive and comes in a narrow range. UG steroids are cheaper and you have at disposal a wide variety to choose from.

There are dozens of UG labs with a good reputation among steroid users. They are products are good, decent priced and provide with noticeable results. Avoid scammers by buying from legit steroids stores with many positive reviews and satisfied clients.

These are the most important facts any steroid users have to know. With this in mind you will be able to make your steroid cycle a real success for you and to get the most with no damage for your health. Stay informed, be healthy!


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