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How to Spot Counterfeit Steroids




The high demand for steroids in the last years had as resulted in a sudden increase in steroid suppliers. There are hundreds of anabolic steroid manufacturers on the market, but just dozens of them are recognized as being human-grade labs. All other ones are known as underground labs and are supposed to be the ones that feed the steroid market with counterfeit products. Steroids were produced for the first time back in the 1930s. Even then, there were issues with the quality of steroids bodybuilders used to buy on the street, gyms, or in other locations.

Many experienced bodybuilders reported, they were quite easy to detect as they didn't look right. A product missing key elements like production and expiration dates was undoubtedly fake. Over the years, the range of steroids has been diversified a lot, and with this, the task of spotting a fake steroid has become more complicated.

Nowadays, there are fake steroids that are hard to detect as being so. Counterfeiting labs invest a lot in the technology they use, and as a result, their products look almost veridical. The old at-home detection methods are not so effective, and you can easily buy fake steroids if you choose to rely only on them.

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An in-depth research of steroids you are about to purchase is a excellent method of staying away from fake steroids that work all the time. An educated person is almost impossible to deceive. When you are 100% aware of how your product should look like, what has to be labeled on it, its consistency and proportions, and also have a photo of the original product then chances are that you will buy a genuine steroid.

When you want to buy a genuine steroid, you are advised to do it from legit or human-grade labs. Indeed, HG labs have high-quality compounds manufactured under authorities' tight control. They are appropriately dosed, not contaminated, and can provide noticeable results.

The main drawback is that steroids are prohibited in many countries, including the USA. You need a doctor's prescription to buy such a compound from pharmacies. Since this is hard to achieve, most steroid users resort to anabolics sold on the black market.

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Nobody says that all steroids sold on the black markets are fake. There are dozens of underground labs highly appreciated by steroid users for their excellent quality products. Just this is the medium where counterfeited products are signed by recognizable brands. Balkan Pharmaceuticals is one of the leaders in the steroid industry.

It is a human-grade lab whose products proved very effective in improving body appearance. Since it is a famous brand and people buy its products, bad guys who want to earn money overnight counterfeit their products and sell them at a much lower price on the same black market. To make it clear black market stands for all ways of acquiring steroids unless you do it from the pharmacy with a medical prescription.

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What do Big Suppliers do To Combat Counterfeit Drugs?

Big steroid suppliers want to be satisfied with the product you buy from them. Every time you purchase a fake product under their brand, you will probably not be happy with what you got. Your complaints refer to their brand; thus, they lose you as a client and the others with whom you have talked about this.

No company wants it to be so. Therefore, big companies propose different ways to ensure the product you buy is genuine. One method that works great, and not only in the steroids industry, is the possibility to check on the website supplier the unique code any product is equipped with.

For example, all Balkan Pharmaceuticals products have a UPIC code. You can enter their official website and check this code to verify if the purchased product is genuine or fake. You can do it here After filling in the code and other lines, you get the result.

This is one of the latest and modern methods to ensure the compound you hold in your hand is genuine. From 6 million Americans that have used or currently do use steroids, chances are that at least a small percentage of them fall into the trap of scammers.  Newcomers in the world of steroid consumption are more frequently deceived.

Being less educated and with no steroid use experience, this category is not very pretentious about where and from whom they make their acquisition. With high self-confidence, they go straight to the first steroid store, stumble online and make the purchase. Such an adventure ends up with getting low-quality gear or even being scammed.

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Choosing a reliable, good-reputation steroid store is the first step toward successful purchasing. Since steroid shops are the ones that bring you a wide variety of anabolics of different quality, you have to do deep research to detect the one that has the maximum number of satisfied clients.

Look what real people say about the best online steroid stores on specialized forums or other boards. Read dozens of research and opinion, and only after this stop your attention to one or another steroid supplier. Also, you have to know that most counterfeits are used mainly steroids.

Such compounds as Deca-Durabolin, Winstrol, or testosterone injectable are the most popular steroids. As such, they have the most fakes. That’s why when buying them, be especially careful and check them thoroughly. A steroid bought from the black market is not automatically a fake one.

Dozens of underground labs produce good quality compounds at affordable prices that are safe for use. The problem is with bad guys who want to gain big money and start to counterfeit and sell products under well-known brands. They focus mainly on the most used steroids, which many people primarily use.

Fake steroids are usually under-dosed, contaminated, or expired and can damage your health while giving no muscle gains. A proper selection of steroid stores is crucial for purchasing good quality steroids. It is a process that will take you some time, but you can be sure about what you get for your money.

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