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How To Identify If Someone Is On Steroids




If you are a bodybuilder, then surely have been curious about how others managed to build huge muscles: naturally or through chemical enhancers? The curiosity is good for you as it challenges you to get educated about what steroids effects are and to try to detect them in other people.

From the beginning have to be mentioned that there is not a real way to tell if someone is on steroids. We can talk about a range of signs that may occur when steroids have been used. Once most of these signs are detected in a bodybuilder, you can tell that person is a juicer. But for being 100% sure about this, you will have to ask him or her directly, since such an answer cannot be based only on appearance. This is especially hard to say when we talk about professional athletes, who have been trained for many years along.

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In order to tell if someone is on steroids, you have to observe physical but also social and psychological changes. In most of the cases, gear users suffer noticeable changes on these levels, while still can be persons that never have taken steroids but faces many of these issues.

The number of physical changes in a steroid user is quite many. The most important being a very rapid increase in muscle mass, that obviously cannot be achieved only through hard training and eating a lot. Unless he is very well gifted by nature.

Here Are Other Physical Signs That Tell You Someone Is On Steroids

- Severe acne on chest, back and face. This happens because of high level of hormone in the body, which can be caused by other factors too. But if the person you know is suddenly experiencing acne abnormalities while increasing muscle mass, than the more probably he is taken steroids.

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- Reddish glow skin. This is a an result of high blood pressure, which increase because of water retention steroid use side effects. That’s why if you notice such a skin color in someone then be sure that muscle gains were not done naturally.

- Bloated gut. Of course do not confuse it with just fat guys, whose chances to be on steroids are quite few.  But if you see a muscular body with bloated stomach, than this person is more probably a steroid user.

- Irregular muscle development. In case of steroid users, muscles of the upper part of the body- shoulders, deltoids, trapezius - are obviously much more developed than lower part.  If you see a strange difference in the muscles development of lower and upper body part, than you can consider this person a “juicer”.

- Gynecomastia, or beach tits is undoubtedly sign that person is taken steroids. This is the most feared side effects of steroids users, since it cause a very inechestetic appearance that can be removed only surgically.

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- Gain of muscle mass with no fat is another sign that a person is on steroids. Naturally bodybuilding doesn’t allow you to gain impressive amount of muscle mass with no fat, while through steroids such an effect can be easily achieved. So, greatly increasing muscle mass with no fat is in most cases a result of steroid use.

- Baldness. It is caused by high amounts of testosterone in the body, which usually steroids do. But even normal bodybuilders can cause early baldness because weightlifting elevates testosterone level. This situation is worse when bodybuilder is prone to baldness.

- Increase of trap size. Steroids  cause a quick increase of neck muscle. If someone managed to increase the neck muscle size dramatically in a short period of time than this is a due to steroids. In a naturally way neck muscles are not easy to develop and require long life of special training.

From a social point of view, steroids users are more secretive, spend more time alone, in the bathroom or other places where steroids can be injected. Also, they can be less communicative, suffer from sudden mood changes, being depressive and poor decision makers peoples. If a person is actively increasing muscle mass and present some of these signs, he or she can be easily spotted as a steroid user.

Women On Steroids

Since in women testosterone is found in a much lower dose, telling a female bodybuilder is or not a steroid user is quite easier. First of all, if a woman has a masculine look and a deep voice than most probably she is taken steroids.

Among important physical changes in a woman caused by anabolics are the increase of clitoris, dramatical breast size decrease, hair developing on chest and others.

Catching a women steroid user is not difficult, especially if steroids are used in high doses. This is because they cause noticeable side effects.  It is more difficult to detect a person who uses steroid in small doses, not for increasing muscle size, but for getting the lean body.

Both in men and women moderate steroid use make a user very hard to detect. Since there are less noticeable side effects and just benefits. Contrary, misusing steroids make a person look unnaturally big, and which is more important, may damage his or her health.

This is why, if you observe that someone you know is overusing steroids is better to let him know about this. This could be a sign to take a break and revise steroid cycle strategy.

In short, when you are looking to spot a steroid user you have to pay attention to physical changes firstly. Big muscle gains in very short periods of time, with inflated muscles in the upper body part, is a sign that person is on steroids. Also, severe acne, gyno, baldness, reddish glow skin or thick neck are other tells about taking steroids.

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In most, those who overuse steroids are very used to catch, while those who use them moderately are less detectable. Being well educated about steroid side effects will not only let you quickly spot a steroid user, but will help you to stay safe if you decide to go with steroids for improving your shape.

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