Mexican steroids – the cheapest anabolic steroids on the market


Mexican steroids - the cheapest anabolic steroids on the market


Every bodybuilder who is searching on the internet to buy steroids want to get them as cheap as possible. Browsing through dozens of anabolic steroids stores, the biggest chance is that they would stop their attention on shops that offer the lowest price for the same product. Here, an educated and also experienced steroid users will seek to find out if these are genuine products, while others get tripped.  In almost all cases, such type of cheap anabolic steroids comes from Mexico, and thus being called “Mexican steroids”.


Despite 30 years ago, mexican steroids were known as quality and reliable gear, over time their imagine have been suffered a lot. Nowadays, mexican steroids are associated with low quality, contaminated and under dosed anabolic steroids. It is said that if on the steroid package is indicated 20 mg of steroid, than the real dose is about half of this or even lower.

Also, most of anabolics steroids manufactured in Mexico are for veterinary use, but this doesn’t mean that they are not used in human.


The quality of mexican steroids began to go down once many manufactures join this market just to make money. Big money. They were not concerned about their consumers, and reputation. All they want is to took steroid users money. And this situation continue to be a reality in our days too.  That’s why many of those who purchased anabolic steroids made in Mexico may not achieve results their wanted and even risk to get infected.


In many cases the use of mexican steroids have been associated with chronic coach, most likely caused by the use of an oil component or contaminated one. You have to be very careful, educated and very well informed before purchasing such product. Being inexpensive, mexican steroids are very attractive, but you will get nothing in result.

More than this, mexican steroids manufacturers do not have an refund policy. Thereby, if you will not like the quality of what you bought, you have nothing to do than just to throw it to the dogs.


This is why, purchasing anabolic steroids always come hand in hand with a meticulous information, and this is more important when  it comes to mexican steroids.

In this regard, here are two very important tips to follow when seeking to buy mexican steroids:

-Go further than first store you stumble on. Once you entered mexican steroid query on Google search box, you will get dozens of results. Do not stop on first shop you get and make your purchase from it. Get informed, look for other shops to see their prices too and check what testimonials says. The best would be to get a look on bodybuilding forums, and search there the opinions about best and reliable mexican steroid store. People like to share their experience, especially when they were wrong and want others do not do the same.  It is a great advice to learn from others mistakes, and find out the store that had a big percentage of satisfied customers.

-Avoid internet stores that doesn’t clearly indicated address and phone number. Contact page has to be visibly placed on the website, as even an inexperienced internet user find it pretty easy. If you do not find it at all, then this is issue to quit the webpage and look further for other reliable sources. Fake companies who only want your money will display almost no information about them you have to stay away from them.


Mexican companies produce a wide range of anabolic steroids, but most popular of them are Oxandrolone, Boldenone equipoise, Nandrolone deca, Trenbolone, Testosterone and Winstrol. Along with these, are produced antiestrogens, diuretics, insulin, growth hormone, pain-relievers, anti-inflammatories and many others.


Mexican steroids manufacturers

If you do a search on internet about best mexican steroids manufacturers,  you will see in many articles mentioned this list of companies:

Quality Vet;

Ttokkyo Labs;





Few people know, that all of them were closed officially back in 2005 by DEA (Drug Enforcement  Administration) during an massive operation called Gear grinders. Some people say that some of them have restarted their activity, while others claim that everything you buy under this brands are counterfeit products. The truth is that many new companies have entered the mexican steroid marked and strive to raise the level of products quality. Old manufacturers have to compete with them, and in result the one who benefit are consumers. Since the stronger is the competition, the higher is the product’s quality at very competitive prices.

In 2005, DEA had estimated that 80 percentage of anabolic steroids from US comes from Mexic. In 2013 there is no available such a statistic, however the percentage of mexican steroids users are still high.


If you want to go with mexican steroids, is very important to do your homework and get informed about the steroid manufacturer, drug identification, prescription, prescribed doses, side effects, storage conditions and its price. And if you do not to rely only in others opinions and are looking for scientific facts, than here are many governmental institution in the health field that research  steroids effects.  National Institute of Drug Abuse, National Institute of health, or US Department of Health & Human Sciences are the most important institutions  that have made lots of studies about steroids positive and negative  effects.

Only after making a detailed research for each of these factors you can consider yourself enough informed for making the right decision.


How to take mexican steroids?

There is no difference between taking mexican steroids and anabolics from other countries. If you purchased a genuine gear, than manufacturer had clearly explained in the label each ingredient included in the solution/pill, how to use it, what are potential side effects and also has clearly set expiration date.


Further, all is quite simple and as usual. Set the length of the cycle and steroids you are going to stack. Beginners should make it no longer than 6, maximum 8 weeks, while more advanced bodybuilders can go for 10-12 weeks. Make sure you take antiestrogens during and after steroid cycle such as Nolvadex or Clomid  to reduce aromatase and increase the testosterone level.

Avoid taking steroids for too long periods of time, since they can damage your health irreversibile.


Mexican steroids are cheap steroids that greatly fit person with a limited budget. They are marketed as veterinary steroids, but are very popular among chemical bodybuilders. Mexican steroids are considered to be below the standards, since they can be contaminated, underdosed and have a very low quality. If you decided to go with mexican steroids you have to be carefully when choosing one or more of them. Buy from trusted  online stores and make sure the drug meet all standards. Follow the manufacturer advises of use,  and do not take big doses for long time since they may damage your health.

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