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Anabolic Steroids

Are Anabolic Steroids Addictive




Anabolic steroids are great body performance enhancers drugs, which are largely used in the world of bodybuilding and not only. They are synthetic substances that imitate the action of natural testosterone.  There is a wide range of steroids to choose from if you decided to improve your body physique through their use.  Each of them has a prior function, as bulking, cutting or increasing body strength indicators, but with some manipulation, they can be used for more than one reason.  

Also, they come in many forms-oral, water or oil-based injection solutions, sublingual tablets, creams or gels. Regardless of their form, the main goal for those who make use of them is to get the dreamed body shape.  Steroids can help you to burn fat, increase body lean muscle mass percentage or even bulk up immense mass weight.

Due to their great effects on human body, anabolic steroids have become very popular among non-athlete people too.  Adults and young people take the steroid to become more attractive to the opposite sex.  The last researches have shown that the number of women who had used steroids has been increased too.

The bad news is that people miss the point about proper steroids use. In their attempt to get the most from steroids, people forget about the right dosage and cycling and follow the pattern of  “the more you take, the better are the results”.   This is a wrong approach that leads to a series of physical and psychological side effects.  And eventually steroids addiction.

A smart use of steroids can provide with best results while staying away from any unwanted side effects. For running a successful steroid cycle, every AAS user has to be educated about what anabolic steroids are, how they work,  how they can be stacked and for how long time you are advised to take them.

Over the time we have been discussed all these subjects on this blog. So, you can easily found answers to all of them right here. The truth is that steroids like any other drugs if misused, can cause addiction. Turning into a steroid abuser is a stage hard to detect, and even more importantly hard to recognize.

Most of the steroid abusers will never admit that they have a problem with steroid use. They just struggle to do the best for acquiring the body shape they dreamed of all the time. There are many psychological signs which talk about having a problem with steroids. Mood changes, depression, fatigue, insomnia, difficulty to concentrate, headaches are the most common effects observed when someone is trying to give up steroids use.

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Steroid addiction is all the time related to using steroids in high doses for a long time. A moderate use will never lead to such effect. Steroids addiction is not the same as heroin/alcohol or smoking addiction. You do not feel a rush or high when taking them, but just feel more confident while using them.

This is specific for people too much concerned about the way they look. Losing some pounds is a whole drama for them and even they look great, they still search for getting the perfect body. It is not difficult to spot on a person who takes steroids in excess.

Here are the main Signs which Talk about Being a Steroid Abuser:

-Taking steroids despite noticeable negative consequences;

-Atypical gains of muscle mass in a short time;

-No control over the steroid use;

-Total ignorance of psychological and physiological side effects.

Acknowledging when you risk turning into a steroid abuser is what every steroid user should pay attention to. This is the moment when you have to take a pause and ask yourself if you still have the control over using steroids.

Nobody says that it easy to do, especially when you see that you get better and better results.  That’s why further we will talk about the main aspect to take in consideration for avoiding becoming a steroid abuser.

Carefully Plan your Steroid Cycle

Before going to plan a steroid cycle you have to be educated about overall steroid use. Types of anabolic steroids, cycling, stacks, dosage, post cycle therapy are just some of the main subjects you have to be aware of prior to writing down your own steroid cycle.

As a beginner, there are few chances that you will overuse it. This is because your body reacts great to minimum doses of anabolic steroids. And, most important you keep almost all muscle gains made during cycling. Hard times come when you get an intermediate or advanced steroid user.

On these stages is very important to stick to right dosage, even gains are not so big as they were in previous cycles. The human body gets a tolerance to these drugs and provides with fewer gains even when using high doses.

That’s why you can be tempted to take higher doses of potent steroid for outstanding results, but this is an absolutely wrong way to follow. The more experience you have with steroids, the harder would be to gain extra muscle mass.  Accept it, and do not expect big gains as during your first or second cycle.

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Use High-quality Steroids

What are Steroids?

Nothing can be more important than a high-quality gear.  A genuine compound will work the way it should be and provide with expected results. Low-quality steroids might be underdosed, which means that you have to use higher dosage to get the wanted effects.

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Also, they might be contaminated or in worst cases contain another gear that the one labeled on it.  So, be very careful when buying anabolic steroids.

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Listen to your Body

Load Periodization in Bodybuilding

When using steroids, you have to closely monitor your body reaction.  Despite most of the side effects related to steroids use disappear once the consumption is ceased, you do not have to admit your body to develop them. Once you observe some changes in your physical say psychological you have to take a time out and let your system return to the normal stage.

This is the way it should be. Do not be one of the steroid users who ignores basic signs, and then complain about damaging their health.

Do not use Steroids as an Alternative to Hard Training

Training with too Big Weights:

Anabolic steroids are not building muscle mass solely. You have to mix them with intense training.  Steroids elevate the protein synthesis process and make the building muscle process faster. Thereby you have to set up a workout routine which in combination with anabolic will boost the building muscle process.

Taking higher doses of steroids while keeping the workouts at very low intensity will not provide you with the expected results. In consequences, you get more steroids and turn into a steroid abuser. Steroids fall into the category of addictive drugs, but not the way heroin, drug, smoking addiction are.

Steroids addiction is caused by using anabolics for a long time in high dosage. It is very easy to recognize a steroid abuser, while that person finds difficult to get aware of this. Despite obvious psychological and physical side effects, these persons continue to take steroids. And they use them in a quite high dosage.

In order to take advantage of steroid use while remaining a healthy person, you have to be very well educated about what steroids consumption suppose. Types of steroids, cycling, stacks, post cycle therapy are just a few of the main staff to handle before going with steroids. 

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