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Is Anavar Still the Best Remedy For Muscle Growth




Anavar the Best Remedy for Muscle Growth

         Anavar was introduced as a remedy for wasting muscles that involuntarily cause diseases. Today athletes and bodybuilders abuse Anabolic Steroids such as Anavar in many ways. They want their bodies to look bigger and well-toned, but are unwilling to take the safe route to achieve this. But should its extremely vital use deny patients their right to recovery just because a few people abuse it? That is up for debate because many people who abuse it do not know they're using it.

Why People Abuse Anavar

We can't conclude that someone is abusing a particular substance because different bodies have different tolerance levels for a specific drug. For instance, pro bodybuilders can take large doses of Anavar without experiencing adverse side effects. However, we cannot say the same for amateurs whose bodies could only tolerate smaller amounts of the steroid. Some people want to take more of the steroid to achieve rapid muscle growth. While this could accomplish that goal initially, severe effects from overusing it will soon follow.

Some bodybuilders also tend to misuse Anavar just before a major competition. Again, it could help them achieve good results, but that, too, could be short-lived. Lastly, some people are just careless with the steroid; amateurs would often use backdoors to purchase it and cycle it with other strong steroids. They, too, would end up getting nasty side effects that will affect their career negatively. 

            In 1964 while working in Searle Laboratories in the USA, Raphael Pappo became a thrilled man. He had created a legacy, a force to reckon with, and a significant cure. He had just stepped a milestone by substituting the second carbon atom for Oxygen.

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             He had created a drug called Anavar, short for Oxandrolone, derived from the words Oxygen and hormone. And in the USA, where diseases were still a significant challenge to the well-being of Americans and the economy, this was no easy feat for Pappo. But he saw an opportunity where others saw a challenge, so he decided to tap it. Diseases were then, just like it's the case today, known to cause involuntary muscle loss that usually fazed doctors and left patients in poor condition to fight the disease and other advantageous diseases.

Anavar and Muscle Replacement

             Oxandrolone came as a significant relief since it was able to renew muscle growth and give the patient another chance to fight the disease. Doctors were skeptical about the effectiveness of the drug at first. That explains why it took considerably longer for scientists to approve it. Additionally, they did not know that more significant amounts of it could have many side effects. Anavar used in small quantities could safely promote tissue growth without interfering with regular testosterone activity or bringing other side effects.

           However, lousy publicity and frail government laws restricting drug possession and use saw Oxandrin abused. It became an artificial source of testosterone available to the mass market by the name Anavar. It became widely abused by bodybuilders since it would make muscles more prominent and toned. Most bodybuilders didn't know that the drug would achieve the opposite effect when they get old. Those new to bodybuilding are more at risk of experiencing adverse side effects from abusing the substance. Bodybuilders continue to abuse Anavar even though they're not entirely oblivious of the consequences. Fortunately, there has been a campaign by experts and trainers to sensitize bodybuilders on the dangers of abusing the substance. You will find good books on Amazon that tackle steroid abuse among athletes, especially bodybuilders.

Side effects of Anavar

           The side effects of Anavar were numerous. Besides increasing liver toxicity, it also interfered with the average testosteroPappo'suction. The drug causes the shrinking of the testicles and a high concentration in the bloodstream.

           This abuse led the US government to ban its production by PPappo'sSearle Labs in 1989. However, following successful clinical tests, it was re-introduced in the market in 1995, although the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) monitors the marketing and distribution of the substance.

             Today, the survival of this revolutionary drug is vital for fighting HIV/AIDs due to the weight loss induced by the lethal virus. HIV, most prevalent in Sub-Saharan Africa, aggravates Marasmus and Kwashiorkor cases. Especially in children, the effects include malnourishment. There is no evidence linking Anavar to miscarriage among pregnant women, but there is extensive research on the same. Nevertheless, pregnant women are advised to avoid steroids during that period because of the side effects associated with their use.

Anavar and Aging

There are conflicting accounts of whether anavar interferes with the natural aging process. While this research is also inconclusive, older people are advised to reduce their intake of the drug. The main reason for this is that anavar and all steroids in general could trigger underlying health conditions associated with old age. Importantly, cycling the steroid with mild ones could help reduce the side effects. Younger bodybuilders and athletes are at liberty to use Anavar for as long as they do it with moderation.

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            Malaria is also a highly deadly disease that affects the patient's muscles as they vomit, have diarrhea, and lose appetite quickly. These two diseases amplify the need for a remedy that can fight weight loss. Also, steer muscles back to their usual self. Anavar is this remedy. But the governments should step up their game to ensure that Anavar is not abused again as a Steroid, leading to another discontinuation in its vital production.


Undoubtedly, Anavar remains the best remedy for muscle growth and replacement, thanks to its unique chemical composition. However, like every other steroid, you need to exercise caution while taking the drug to avoid exposing yourself to adverse side effects. You can also decide to cycle it with another steroid to minimize the negative impact and maximize the gains. Most people with a bad experience with Anavar are either abusing it by taking more than the recommended dosage or taking it for long periods.

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