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Top 20 Drinks to Boost Energy in 5 Minutes or Less




20 Drinks to Boost Energy

             In the world today, we often have so many things to do and so little time. This is worsened by the time that our body is designed to work after some hours of rest. When we are tired, even when we force ourselves to work. We would lose concentration and will not be able to work as efficiently as when we are alert. As a result, there is a number of energy products that invent that you can take. Some of these energy products can energize in as little as less than 5 minutes. During this period, they keep you awake and alert to do what you need to do. This article will discuss 20 Products to Boost Your Energy in 5 minutes or less.

         If you are looking for some of the best and fastest working products? You can use to get instant energy that will last for a significant long time, then you should continue reading.

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Red Bull Energy Drink

Red Bull Sugar Free            The Red bull brand of energy drinks was launched in 1987. The brand, created with the aim of giving individuals and ideas wings. They have subsequently been able to set a lot of milestones in culture and sports. The drink is regularly used by people who want a quick and effective boost of energy. Including travelers that are going on long journeys, college students, busy professionals, and top athletes. The drink is a sugar-free drink and thus, useful for those who do not like sugar.

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           Red bull was the first energy drink that was free of sugar, and thus a pioneer of sugar-free energy drinks. You can also comfortably enjoy red bull if you are environment enthusiast as they commit fully to environmental responsibility. Continuously try to produce their products without harming the environment while innovating for safer ways. For instance, the can for their drink, made from aluminum that recycles 100 percent. The company also developed Red Bull Coolers that use about 45 percent lesser energy compared to conventional fridges.

            The ingredients for the product include colors, artificial and natural flavors, Xanthan gum, Vitamin B12, Pyridoxine HCI, Calcium Pantothenate, Niacinamide, Inositol, Aspartame, Acesulfame K, Caffeine, Magnesium Carbonate, Sodium Citrate, Taurine, Citric Acid and carbonated water. It is not advisable for nursing women, pregnant women, and children as well. Those who are caffeine sensitive to use the energy drink. Taking the drink vitalizes your mind and body in less than 5 minutes.

AMP GAME FUEL – Mountain Dew

       The drink is specially designed towards providing the body with needed energy within a very short while, usually less than 12 minutes. The product is available in nice flavors including berry burst. The product is specially made from caffeine and theanine. These products, when combined together have been shown to enhance alertness and accuracy in individuals. Thus, taking the AMG GAME Fuel by mountain boost will be sure to have these effects of enhancing your alertness and accuracy.

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         As a result, you will be able to continue your activities. Including driving or other activities, you have to carry out. The product is reliable, contributing significantly to act as fuel for our body. The can have a textured design so as to make it easier for you the grip the product. You will not have to worry about the can slipping out of your hands. This product, made from fruit juice and is available in 4 flavors.

      The flavors include charged original dew, charged tropical strike, charged berry blast, and charged berry burst. The ingredients of the product calcium pantothenate, sucrose acetate isobutyrate, Panax ginseng root extract, sucralose, acesulfame potassium, caffeine, sodium benzoate to preserve freshness, gum Arabic, citric acid, juice concentrate from white grape, high fructose corn syrup, and carbonated water.

Go Girl Energy Drink

        The Go Girl Energy Drink is a sugar-free energy drink with no sugar at all and 100mg caffeine. The drink has the ability to give you a boost in good energy that will take you all through the day. It is a perfect alternative for coffee and other energy drinks that are less healthy. Furthermore, the energy has a low quantity of carbs and calories. With less than 1 g of carbohydrates and below 5 calories, you can take the energy drink even when you do not want to gain weight. It provides a boost that is refreshing irrespective of the time you want to take it.

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        The drink will also provide you with a rich supply of taurine, magnesium and essential vitamins that will benefit your soul, body, and mind. This product, made from clean ingredients that include Garsina Cambogia popularly known as Super-Citrimax, Glucuronolactone, Taurine, Pantothenic acid, Riboflavin, Magnesium, Inositol, Niacin, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, and Vitamin B12. It also has a refreshing flavor based on its delicious sweet berries burst that means you will enjoy the drink. Furthermore, a percentage of money for each product is donated to support research and awareness on Ovarian and Breast Cancer all through the year.

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Arctic White – Alani Nu Energy

          The product is an energy drink you can take whenever you need to get a fast boost of energy. The product has a nice taste, thereby making it an enjoyable drink. When you are very busy or on the move, you can easily take the drink whenever you start to feel tired. The drink contains no sugar and each can has just 10 calories. The implication is that you can enjoy the drink without bothering about getting too many calories. The product contains 200mg of caffeine, which is the major ingredient responsible for chasing away sleep as well as increasing alertness and concentration in coffee. Thus, you could easily take the drink in place of coffee.

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Optimum Essential Amino Energy

          If you are looking for an Amino acid-rich drink that is convenient to take, then you can count on Optimum Essential Amino Energy. Consume this pre-mixed liquid energy and amino anywhere as it is packaged in plastic bottles that are durable and you can use everywhere. The drink features 5G micronized blend of amino.

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         It contains a unique amino acids mix that includes Carno-Syn beta-alanine towards supporting the recovery of muscle. This makes the product great for those who are involved in bodybuilding. It also provides a rich blend of energy within 5 minutes after consuming the product. It also provides an individual with needed mental focus to carry out daily activities. The drink is formulated such that it can be consumed at any time of the day to get you focused and energy at that period. Thus, it can be used for focus and energy in the morning, enhance productivity and focus later in the day or at night as well as enhancing focus and energy levels while in the gym. The drinker gains both instant and rich energy boost as well as some quantity of protein immediately after consuming the product.

Go Fast Authentic Energy Drink

           The team responsible for creating Go Fast Authentic Energy Drink includes flavor experts that have won an award for their rich and tasty flavors. Just taking a can of the drink can give you your complete required daily allocation for 5 vitamins. The drink also provides a premium blend of energy that can energize you in less than 5 minutes. Furthermore, the person will remain energized for a very long time, without a jittery crash as observed after consuming a number of other energy products. The product does not have Aspartame, preservations, high fructose corn syrup and sodium. Thus, the drink is among the products that can boost your energy in 5 minutes or less.

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Frose Rose VPX Bang

        This product is among the products that provide you with an instant boost of energy without containing any quantity of sugar. This is as opposed to a lot of energy drinks that have a high quantity of sugar. A high sugar quantity is often not good for the body as it could have devastating consequences. Consuming energy drinks with sugar could lead to a spike in the level of sugar in your blood.

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       The implication is that if you are diabetic or suffering from other conditions that require you to stay away from sugar, the sugar in the drink could trigger that condition. Furthermore, it is medically wrong to consume drinks or items with a lot of sugar. This is because they could suck the life out of you and contribute to the probability of suffering a lot of life-threatening conditions including high sugar level, high blood pressure, and stroke among others.

           Apart from the fact that this drink does not have any quantity of sugar, it contains 0 calories per can and also does not have any quantity of artificial colors, and carbs. It, however, contains Super creatinine ultra coq and BCAA Aminos. It provides you with instant energy when you need it. The drink is also delicious to consume. The ingredients include Vitamin B12, Vitamin B6, CoQ10, Vitamin B3, Calcium Disodium, Calcium Chloride, L-Valine, L-Isoleucine, Super Creatine, Magnesium Chloride, Potassium Sorbate, Acesulfame Potassium, Vitamin C, Potassium Phosphate Dibasic, L-Leucine, Sucralose, Potassium Citrate Monohydrate, Sodium Benzoate, Caffeine Anhydrous, Natural Flavors, Citric Acid Anhydrous, and Carbonated Water.

Rockstar Pure Zero Energy Drink

           When it comes to getting instant energy from an energy drink that contains no sugar, then this product is easily among the best you will ever find. The product is made from tropical fruits that include strawberry, guava, mango, and tangerine. The implication is that the product is a drink that is highly delicious. You would enjoy a taste close to the consumption of fruit juice while getting a boost of energy for your body to instantly begin to utilize.

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          You also do not have to worry about the negative effects of consuming a lot of sugars or getting fat due to high calories when you take the drink regularly. Furthermore, the drink has no carbs as it is completely made from natural fruits and other products that help to deliver effective and clean energy that would serve you for a significantly long time. Thus, the drink provides you with the energy you need without adding any calories to your system.

Xyience Energy Drink

           This is a great product that gives a rich blend of energy within a very short while. Furthermore, the energy provided will be able to sustain you for a very long time while you get a lot of work done. Most of the people who have taken the drink have affirmed its great taste and effectiveness.

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           However, a lot of people have complained about the packaging and time in delivering the product when they order it online. Thus, apart from having to wait a bit longer to get the products and the fact that there might be a dent on the containers when ordered online, the content is great and very nice. When you order for the product, you get 16 cans, which is 2 cans each of its 8 different flavors. The flavors include Cran Razz, Wild Grape, Fuji Apple, Lime Cherry, Pomegranate, Frostberry Blu, Tangerine, and Mango Guava.

XL Energy Drink

           This is a lightly carbonated product that contains caffeine and taurine. The caffeine and taurine are the major ingredients that help to ensure that. You get an instant boost of long-lasting energy and that you are able to stay awake and alert, even if you were already feeling sleepy. Furthermore, the drink has the ability to improve your reaction drink and awareness. The drink is refreshing and comes in 250ml.

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            The drink also comes with a classic taste that will make you enjoy the drink. If you do not have the luxury of making coffee while at work due to no access to hot water or problems with finding cups, making the coffee and cleaning cups, this product can easily serve as a ready to drink energy drink that you can dispose of its container once you are through. At the end of the day, you will get to enjoy the drink and still get all of the effects that you would have gotten from drinking coffee and more. The product is easily one of the energy drinks that will boost your energy in 5 minutes or less.

NOS High-Performance Energy Drink

           If you are not a fan of sweet tastes and you prefer something sour, then this would easily be the best energy drink for you. The instant you take the drink, you would observe an instant surge of energy. Also, you would be able to carry on with whatever activity you are currently engaged in. This could include work, driving, or activities in the gym. You will subsequently be able to achieve more when you take the drink.

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       The drink provides you with performance-enhancing energy and it comes in handy when you need all the concentration, alertness, and awareness you can get. You can take the drink whenever you find out that you are starting to get tired or you are feeling sleepy, but you do not have the luxury of rest or sleeping time at that point in time. In less than 5 minutes after taking the drink, you will feel refreshed and replenished and you will be able to continue your work immediately.

MITO-TONIC Energy Drink

           When you have had a busy day and you are already exhausted but there is still a lot of work to do, then you should opt for MITO-TONIC Energy Drink. The drink will help you to instantly recover from your current state of tiredness and help you to continue working. The product absorbs into the system instantly up to 8 x faster. Furthermore, it contains Creatine and D-Ribose. The drink does not contain any stimulant and also does not have a high sugar content that can affect you negatively.

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       The product works through improved mitochondrial function. Furthermore, it enhances cardiac functioning and improves cellular energy among other functions. The product is very effective due to its ability to play a major role in energy metabolism in the body. The implication is that it can help with energy management and improvement, thereby giving you the strength to continue to work for a lot more time than you would normally be able to. Additionally, the drink, designed with your good health in consideration. The implication is that not only does this drink not have a negative effect on your health but it contributes positively to your health. This makes it a very healthy, effective and great energy drink you can always count up whenever you are tired and need some more working time. Always keep the jar tightly locked and the product refrigerated.

Vengo Strawberry Energy Drink

         The Vengo Strawberry Energy Drink was created without any form of compromise. This product made as a healthy drink capable of instantly delivering energy such that. The person who consumes the drink can start feeling refresh in less than 5 minutes after taking the drinks. The drink does not have any sugar, any calories or any carbs. Furthermore, it comes with a great flavor that you are very familiar with and love: the strawberry flavor that has been used in a lot of products including ice creams and juices due to its nice taste and wide availability.

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       The product is great for people who are involved in workouts and sports. The product apart from being loaded with energy is also loaded with Vitamin B12 and Vitamin B6. The energy drink provides a natural boost of energy. The fact it contains 80mg of caffeine for every can means that you won’t feel sleepy or tired anymore when you consume the drink. On the other hand, you will be energized, refreshed, alert, aware, and focused on the task you are doing. The energy drink is great in that it helps in quenching your energy thirst while it remains delicious.

Roaring Lion Energy Drink

         The products is a world-class product with a reputation of being the second most popular in restaurants, night clubs, and bars across the United States. The products can be utilized with soda stream and other home carbonation devices, soda fountain, and bar gun. The major ingredient is formulated to blend into a smooth energy boost that can last for up to 6 hours. During this period, you will not suffer from sleepiness and tiredness.

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       It is an ideal flavor for making unique mixed drinks including bombs and energy cocktails. The ingredients contain Vitamin B12, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B3, Inositol, Sodium benzoate, caramel, artificial flavor, glucuronolactone, taurine, sodium citrate, citric acid, glucose, sucrose, and purified water. Every 8 oz roaring lion energy drink serving has 77 mg of caffeine. It is not recommended for those that are caffeine sensitive, nursing women, pregnant women, and children. The product is very effective in giving energy boost within 5 minutes of consuming the products while maintaining a very rich and great flavor.

Black Bear Energy Drink

          This is a great energy drink that can be taken by virtually anybody. This is considering the fact that it does not contain caffeine like most energy products including most of the products on this list. The implication is that those who are sensitive to caffeine or do not like taking caffeine can also enjoy the product. The effectiveness of the product comes from a unique blend of Adenosyl B12 and Hydroxy.

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      The product was manufactured by Black Bear Energy, a company that was founded in 2009 and based in Maine. The product is a beverage that is lightly carbonated and provides real energy to the body. It is able to provide this energy without cyano B12, caffeine or artificial sweeteners. It also contains Vitamin B12. The lack of sweeteners also means that it does not contain sugar and can be taken without the fear of a spike in sugar level. There are also no stimulants inside the drink. The drink provides sustainable and real energy.

Magical Unicorn Elixir Energy Drink

            The need to work is often emphasized for people who have a dream they are following and to achieve. It recommends, that people should sleep for 6 hours a day. However, a lot of emphases has been placed on the need to work as hard as possible and to also work at night when it is more quiet and easier to concentrate.

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         With all of these conflicting statements. You might have decided to follow the hardworking part so as to save more time. However, the harder you work, the faster you get tired. Furthermore, the lesser rest you get, the more you get tired. However, energy drinks always come in handy to ensure people do not quickly get tired. One of the best energy drinks that you can rely on is Magical Unicorn Elixir Energy Drink. The drink contains caffeine, implying that it functions in a similar manner like coffee. Thus, it is a very great alternative for coffee. Every 12 oz of the content comes with 100 mg of caffeine content. You can thus, get your alertness and concentration back as you recover from sleepiness and tiredness by consuming the product.

Spike Hardcore Energy Purple Surge

          If you are looking for an energy drink that has a very nice taste, then the Spike Hardcore Energy Purple Surge will be a great option for you. The spike provides you with energy at a very high speed. It is a great energy supplement that appeals to a lot of people because of its great taste and its effectiveness. The drink lightly carbonated with a flavor that is invigorating and delicious.

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         Also, packed with several active ingredients that give you instant energy. As a result, even as a healthy energy drink without stimulants, it could be just as effective as most energy drinks that contain stimulants. Thus, if you are having a rough day and you are getting worn out but you need to keep working, you could just easily get a spike hardcore energy purple drink. It is also a great option when you are feeling sleepy in a class, meeting or during any of your other daily activities.

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Vpx Redline Xtreme

         When it comes to gaining muscles, working out is easily the most effective way to build your muscle. However, your body limited and within a few minutes, you could get tired of working out especially when you are not using any supplement or products. This is why the use of energy drink and protein supplements are often recommended. While the energy drinks give you the energy to train even harder and better, the protein supplements allow you to quickly recover from the strenuous workouts by helping you to repair your muscles. If you are looking for a great nutritious energy drink that will help your muscle building cause, then you can count on Vpx Redline Xtreme.

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        The drink is effective in providing you with the much-needed energy to work out while also having a number of direct benefits on your muscle as well. The product is also great for other people who need a quick boost of energy during their daily activities that are not related to gaining muscles of working out. It can help you evade sleep and tiredness while giving you the energy to continue your current activity.

Adrenaline Shoc Smart Energy

        If you are a lover of natural energy, then you would love the adrenaline shoc smart energy. The company got its name from the adrenaline that is responsible for our flight actions. When we need to flee, we sometimes find ourselves doing things that we normally cannot do. For instance, we could run faster than we normally do or jump higher than we ever thought we could.

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         It is this same inspiration that transfer in the production of Adrenaline Shoc Smart Energy. However, the aim of this product is to help you to work harder than you would normally. This is because it will be able to supply with a fast supply of energy that will help you to continue to work. The product, made from guarana, extract from coffee fruit, yerba mate, and green coffee beans. It also contains electrolytes that naturally sourced from ocean minerals and nine essential amino such as BCAAs. Thus, they also contribute to the recovery of the muscle after workouts. This product comes in 4 different flavors, implying that you will get 4 cans of each flavor.

Advocare Spark Canister Mandarine Orange

           The product is another great energy product that can provide you with a boost in energy in 5 minutes or less. The product contains over 21 minerals and vitamins implying that. You can get a rich significant supply of minerals and vitamins from your RDA. Each can contain 42 servings that can help you maintain energy and focus.

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       The product, created with the aim of being a multi-nutrient unique system of improved mental focus and energy source. The products do not contain any sugar. This makes a great product for those with diabetes or that are saying away from sugar. It also makes the product a very healthy energy drink. It also provides an effective and balanced energy source that does not stimulate or overburden the body. Also, it contains some quantity of caffeine that fights tiredness and sleepiness. While providing a quick boost of energy, awareness, and alertness. The ability of the brain to send and receive messages further boosts by neuroactive amino acid in the products. The drink works by enhancing the natural ability of the body to create and sustain energy.



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