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How to Stay Motivated While Building Muscle




How to stay motivated while building muscle


Motivation is what makes you get up and work out. It can be different from each of -want to look like your  favourite bodybuilder, want to make a girl to like you or you just decided that it’s time to do a change. However is the first reason, the most difficult part comes after a while when you slowly begin to lose interest for gym. You are tired, find excuses do not go to the gym and  even may ask yourself if it deserve to continue.  Especially if you reach the point when muscles begin to grow more slowly than before.


As you know bodybuilding in not only about regularly workout and sleep. It is based on regular eating as well. Many bodybuilders get tired about a special diet routine and are tempted to cease it. No alcohol and soda drinks are allowed. For those who consumed them for a long time would be quite difficult to go over them.


This is the moment when you need something to get you motivated. Something powerful that will keep you on the track for a long term. This is what we will talk about further in this article, sharing with you small ideas  for big motivation.


Learning about how the muscles grow and stages they go through is very important for any bodybuilder. This will help you to stay motivated, and overpass many of stressful situations. As a bodybuilder you have to know that  the times when your muscles will grow in a fast tempo will alternate with stages when no muscle grow will be seen. In order to keep gained results and continue growing you will have to take a deep look to your diet and training program.


Also know that there are different types of bodies-ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph- that greatly influence the way you gaining weight. Each of this body types has different characteristics, and based on them your muscle will go slower or faster, you will have to eat  more or less, work out two or three times a week. I’m not gonna detail here what each body type are about, since we have talked about it in a particular post on this blog.  Just mention it as tremendous part to be knowing in the long way of building muscle.


Bodybuilding is that kind of sport that fit only strong both physically and mentally people. You need to be one of them and cultivate this features if you miss them. To help you stay motivated all the long way of muscle building process, i’m gonna share here some very effective and not difficult tips. Follow them anytime you feel no inspiration to go further and you will get you doing things till the end.


Advices for getting and staying motivated:

- Find your model. Find bodybuilders that inspire you and stick photos of them in places where to see them all the time. There are many famous bodybuilders which example you can follow. Arnold Swarchenegger is just one of the most known bodybuilders who have been inspired many generations during the last five decades. Decide like who you would like to look over years and do not this imagine leave you.

Such a tactic prove to be very effective during the years, and you have to make use of it in difficult situations.


-Take pictures of you. Most of people doesn’t like the way they look. Primarily for this reason they join bodybuilding workouts. Looking to how you look will determine you to want to improve your physique. Do not make the mistake to shoot you too often. Do it once in a month and a half, since such a period is considered enough for improving your shape. Of course, with condition that you have eat well and have worked out hard. Otherwise, is not the case to expect miracles!


-Set small, feasible  goals for short periods of time. You feel excited every time you manage to do what you have set two weeks ago, and get more confident in yourself.  Losing 2 pounds in two weeks is an absolutely real goal and you have all chances to do it. Having on big dreams with no steps to be taken during this long way can be frustrating sometimes. It can make you to lose faith in yourself. While a new victory every two weeks, one month or whatever will keep you highly motivated.


-Keep a journal. Always keep a journal and write down how much you eat, and how long you trained. In other words you need a journal to keep track of your bodybuilding daily routine. Having a journal will help you to always know how many sets and reps you have performed during the last workouts, and increase their number constantly without getting wrong.  Also, is more easily to stay right with your diet when you know that everything you eat is noted. At least such a strategy works for many bodybuilders  and you have to give it a try too.


-Train with a coach. Choose to be assisted by a trainer when you work out. If you feel that training alone is not for you, you can choose to it with a coach. There are bodybuilders who feel more responsible namely during such training, and are less productive when working alone. It would be a wise choice when seem that nothing that you have tried before is working for you.


- Enjoy music. Listen to music is a trick that work great for almost all bodybuilders to revival the interest for training. An energetic music like hard rock, electronic music or even hip-hop are great way to make you move further and work out with more energy. Take your favourite music in the gym and feel good while training.


-Motivational quotes. Keep a list of motivational quotes at handy. Remember and say them to you every time you feel no desire to go further with your workouts.  Also read motivational books and watch motivational videos. The last ones are very easy to find and doesn’t require too much time to watch them. A good source is youtube where are dozens of good inspirational bodybuilding videos.


These are ones of the most effective ways to keep you motivated during and after workout. Utterly knowing very well what you want and setting the steps to goal attainment are tremendous for success. Knowing these tips will help you to go over difficulties and get what you want.

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