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How Many Eggs a Day Is Safe for Bodybuilders?




How Many Eggs Is a Day Safe?

       Eggs that are a complete source of protein for their eaters serves as a perfect diet if taken moderately. Although eggs are good to eat for children as well as adults, bodybuilders need it the most. The reason is that eggs are high in protein, and protein is the essential elements for bodybuilding. 

        In the bodybuilding process, the human tissues are broken due to heavy weight lifting and other robust body movements, and they need to be repaired, which can only be done by protein intake. However, there are many different protein diets available like protein shakes, protein powder, beans, etc.

      But nothing can beat egg when it comes to protein. According to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, there are two types of protein and eggs are under the high-quality proteins making it a complete diet.

      It is also said that eggs have fats in it, but nothing to worry about because it contains terrible or unsaturated fat which is of no harm if taken suitably. Eggs have two parts; the egg yolk and the egg white. The egg white is more beneficial as egg yolk contains good fats.

         That is why it is also recommended to have egg white more than yellow part of the egg. This yellow part contains 5 grams of fat in which only 1.6 is terrible fat. So there is no big deal in having it. Some other nutrients that an egg contains are folic acid, riboflavin, all 8 amino acids, Vitamin A, E, K and B12, which is a source of energy in the body.


          Cholesterol is also a constituent of eggs but is not harmful to the body as it can be easily digested and maintains hormones level in the body. With a great many advantages, there is a contradiction, too, as anything taken in abundance can be harmful to the human body.

        Bodybuilders, usually in the race of having huge and massive bodies entirely rely on the intake of eggs and have them abundance. Keeping it to a specific limit, there is a safe quantity to have eggs. You can have those lean muscles by continuing your hand in control.

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How Many Eggs a Day in Summer?

How many Eggs a Day in Summer?

        The hottest season of the year summers comes with many precautions to follow. With many of them, it is also said to avoid eating eggs in summer as they can cause stomach upset. However, these statements do not hold.

        In summers, eggs will help you to keep a balanced fluid level in your body and also keep your energy and mood boost up and prevents fatigue, which is common due to changing weather.

        Eggs are also a vital source of protein, and if you are the bodybuilder you must need eggs with other sources of protein, and obviously, you cannot give up on your muscles in the summer season. So you can have eggs but in a moderate quantity.

         Considering per day consumption of eggs as recommended by doctors is 1-2 eggs for an ordinary person who is doing daily chores and is not involved in any heavy exercises. It can be taken in any form, but the preferred form in boiled eggs as fired items in summers are also not very suitable

        A bodybuilder who is eagerly working on his body and lifting those heavy weights; hence, all muscle work is involved must take 2-3 eggs per day and not more than that.

      The doctors and nutritionist prescribe this safe quantity because the abundance of eggs in summer can have stomach problems as an egg is warm and can produce excess heat in your body.

       Also, the cholesterol level in your body will increase, which will make prone you to heart diseases too. But exceeding this quantity of per day can cause you in danger.

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How Many Eggs a Day in Winter?

How many Eggs a day in Winter?

      Winter is the coldest season and a season for foodies, in which you can have many seasonal fruits and nuts. People tend to eat the food that is warm to keep their body temperatures at a moderate level to fight the falling temperatures. Eggs are favorite of all in cold weather.

     Eggs having a warm tendency prevents the body from flu or other cold season diseases. Also, eggs contain Vitamin D which can be deficient in the season on winter due to few sunny days. Usually, this season brings a feeling of laziness and depression; this feeling can fight too by having the right amount of eggs.

      Now the safe quantity by doctors and nutritionist for eating eggs is almost 5-6 per day for a bodybuilder as it is challenging to do those lifting exercises in winter, so they need more energy while an average person can have 2-3 eggs per day, which is the limit, not more than that.

     Due to the temperature conditions in winter, the body requirements are different than summer and is ready to absorb more warm products, so safe quantity for eggs in winter is more as compared to summer. But anything that exceeds the limit will not be beneficial anymore.

      The eggs can be taken in any form in winter, preferably scrambled or microwaved eggs.

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Raw Eggs:

Raw Eggs:

Eggs Can Be Taken in Many Forms Like:

  • Scrambled
  • Microwaved
  • Fried
  • Boiled

        But to have a raw egg is not suitable for health and if taken in abundance can cause you deficiency of biotin; a Vitamin present in the body. Also, fresh eggs can cause an infection named Salmonella.

         Above are the disadvantages of having raw eggs and is not at all safe. But this mistake is usually made by many bodybuilders while having their daily diets.

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       A healthy and complete meal of the day, the egg can be most beneficial for human brain, skin, eyesight, muscles, and growth but with the condition that it should be consumed in the right amount and the proper form.

       Bodybuilders are most concerned about health. They shall take into account the safety measures described for including eggs in their diets.


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