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Back on Steroids After a Long Break: How To Take Them For Maximum Effects?




           Being back on steroids after a long pause put you some question on how you need to behave in order to get the most from cycling. Regardless of the reasons you stayed away from steroids, the return must be planned even more carefully than back in times when you took steroids. If you eager to know how to act in such situation then this article is gonna answer all your questions.

Over the time you were out of the gym and steroids most probably muscle mass decreased dramatically while fat body percentage goes high. Burning fat and putting on muscle mass are your main goals and really achievable through the use of steroids. But the big question here is should you firstly naturally increase testosterone and the restart steroids use or you can directly jump into cycling?

Age Factor:

Age FactorWe know that first week of training in the gym is the most productive. Amazing rate of muscle gain can be observed and week after week it begins to slow down. This is the time we rely upon steroids use.

The younger is the body the better results from training. Therefore for young people comebacks offers good gains, so there is no need to start steroids straight away.

Younger trainers may wait until the muscle peak is reached and only then involve in steroids use.

Unfortunately, for older bodybuilders, it doesn’t work the same way. Body answers to muscle stimulation are different because of low testosterone level.

Two solutions are available and it’s up to you which one you will decide to use.

1. The Use of HCG to Spike T levels:

Get testosterone level above the normal limits, while keeping LH level in normal ranges. This can be done through the use of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) which is a peptide hormone.

Alternative Products Mentioned here:

  • Clomid
  • Letrozole
  • Masteron
  • Testosterone
  • Primobolan

The recommended dosage is no more than 500IU taken 3 times a week mixed with Clomid or Letrozole. You may choose another SERM or anti-aromatase drug since what really matters is do not take HCG alone because LH production will be lowered.

Even so, regularly do blood tests to check LH production. In case it goes abnormal low you need to decrease HCG dosage.

Can you HCG replace by a steroid? Yes, but it should not exceed the amount of 100 mg per week. Injected Masteron, Testosterone or Primobolan are good options as long as LH level is not drop out.

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2. Take Steroids as Regularly:

Take Steroids as Regularly

Since you are not new to steroids, cycle steroid as usually without trying to raise your T indicator priorly. Use a steroid stack that fit your goal - cutting, bulking, leaning out- and go ahead with it. Pay attention to your individual characteristics when picking one or another stack so that do not worsen your health situation.

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Orals or Injected Steroids?

Orals or Injected Steroids?

Start you coming back with injected steroids and you will not be wrong. Their effectiveness is much higher than their oral counterparts while side effects can be easily held under control. Since older people experience liver problem more frequently, staying away from orals is a good move. We all know that orals damage your liver because of substance added in them resist liver disintegration. Read more here about Oral and Injectable Steroids comparison.

As we mentioned above - Testosterone, Primobolan or Masteron are great injectable anabolics to start gaining muscle mass. Don’t forget about PCT importance. It will not only help you to keep on gaining muscle mass but also minimize the risks of damaging your health.

This is what we said about PCT in our previous post “Post cycle therapy helps the body to recover from steroid use and to preserve the results you’ve gained. PCT is extremely useful when it comes to long cycle treatments because PCT can help our body to recover the hormones more quickly.

Post cycle therapy helps the body to recover from steroid use and to preserve the results you’ve gained. PCT is really useful and that’s why it has become a standard in terms of the use of steroids. PCT is extremely useful when it comes to long cycle treatments because PCT can help our body to recover the hormones more quickly.” Read the entire Article here: Is Post-Cycle Therapy (PCT) Really Necessary?

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Because you are alike beginner steroids user we recommend you to follow one cycles detailed in this article Best steroid cycles for beginners


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