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Difference Between “Clean Bulk” And “Dirty Bulk” Diet When Taking Steroids?



What’s The Difference Between “Clean Bulk” And “Dirty Bulk” Diet When Taking Steroids?

            What you eat is tremendously important for building muscle mass. Being on steroids doesn’t alter the key role dieting has in packing on muscle mass.  You need a solid diet to support the gains steroids are able to cause in muscle mass. This is the moment when steroids users think about “dirty bulking” diet. They heard is going to help put on an amazing amount of weight in shortest time. Dirty bulk supposes to follow a diet regime which includes big amounts of processed foods like pizza, burgers, fries, ice-cream and many other unhealthy foods.

             Which one of us don’t think about how great it will be to eat all these products without limitations, they are so tasty that you want to have them on your menu every day.  The followers of dirt bulk diet claim that you are free to eat as much as you want, and all this will help you to gain weight fast.

Clean Bulk

          On the flip side, the supporters of the clean bulk diet encourage you to eat healthy foods, not processed which are rich in vitamins and nutrients needed not only for muscle growth but overall health. Foods rich in protein, carbohydrates, and nonsaturated fats are told you to be the best and need to be included in your daily menu. A clean bulk diet looks quite boring compared to a dirty one being by far more appealing.

             Steroids are able to trigger a higher protein synthesis process, having an overall result increase in muscle mass.  But in order to act like this, steroids need raw material which is amino-acids from proteins. Aside from this, a body needs carbohydrates for glycogen which turn into energy that allows you to work hard in the gym.

          Fats like Omega-3  don’t directly produce energy, they increase the activity of genes involved in glycogen production. Likewise, non-saturated fats participate in producing more glycogen which is crucial for energy.

What is Wrong With a Dirty Bulk Diet?

What is Wrong with a Dirty Bulk Diet?

             Dirt bulk diet is just too good to be true. By eating a lot of junk food is not possible to fill your body with the necessary nutrients not only for muscle growth but at least to stay healthy. If you want to get huge, you have to eat like a monster. This is true, as you cannot get bigger without following a solid diet. But it’s a big difference between eating a lot of clean foods and ingesting high amounts of bad foods.

            Carbohydrates consumption for prolonged periods of time causes an increase in insulin level. The main risk in this situation is to develop diabetes. A range of side effects associate this disease, so that nobody wants to get there. Besides, a higher level of insulin cause you to store more fat, and for an individual who looks to bulk, this is not what you want to achieve.

Possible effects

           Testosterone level and Human Growth Hormone are also affected. And if these two components responsible for muscle growth are lowered, how we can talk about an increase in muscle mass while bulking? Well, if naturally, then yes, the story might have a sad end. When running steroids things a bit different.

              Indeed, steroids cause a temporary decline of your own testosterone level and natural HGH but fill this gap with artificial hormone. Please remember that steroids already increase insulin level and put a high stress on your liver, heart, and other internal organs so there is no need to worsen this by following a rich in bad foods diet.

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             When bulking you have to eat more than usual to grow. But don’t rely on bad foods do to a clean job. Remember you need to gain muscle mass, and not fat. By following a dirty bulking diet you will manage to increase weight, but the biggest part of it will be fat.

             Thereafter, a cutting phase is necessary. The real problem while cutting is to manage to keep on the gained over the cycle muscle mass, therefore your priority when bulking is to try to add as little fat as possible.

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Think About Dirty Bulk Diet As Big Size Healthy Foods:

Think About Dirty Bulk Diet as Big size Healthy Foods

            The only thing right about the dirty bulk diet is large quantities of calories. To put on muscle mass continue to eat big size meals, but make sure these are junk food. Generally, a 4000-5300 daily calorie intake is what a bulking up person needs. Of them, 300 g are proteins (1200 kcal), 800 g is carbs (3200 kcal) and the last ones 100 g are fats (900 kcal).  Protein/ carbs/ fats percentage can be slowly modified based on personal body characteristics.

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              Show me the person whom would bother to eat junk foods, drink soda and all the same gain muscle mass. It sounds great but is not a reality. You are what you eat, so, bad eating habits would damage your health in the long term. In terms of muscle building, choosing such a diet to support you steroid cycle would end up with a noticeable increase in fat as well.

             And as we all know, the less fat you gain why cycling, the easier will be to retain the muscle mass while cuttingThe only way to use dirty bulk diet is in regard to meals size. To get bigger you need to eat more. Therefore increase the amount of calorie per day, but stick to healthy food.


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