Top 8 Mistakes People Make With Steroids

Steroids use is safe as long as you perfectly know what you are doing, what problems may occur and what results to expect. Unfortunately, not all those who go this way are totally aware of what steroids are about, the main concern being how big they will become after cycle end up. Such ignorance may cause a range of health problems, some of them having a catastrophic effect on your body. Today we goanna list the most common mistakes most of  those who decide to enhance body performance through the use of drugs do and methods to prevent them.

1. Not getting enough education about steroids.

With steroids, things are bit complicated than many other drugs. It is not enough to read the label and get a general image of how these steroids have to be administered to fully benefit you. There are many other details that have to be taken into consideration, and then you got a clearer picture. You need to know what certain types of steroids work for, how to mix the, which of them are for cutting, bulking or increasing them, or better saying, how to stack them to get one of these results.

Before getting involved in steroid use, make sure you know all steroids use related risks, how to handle them, what to take to minimize or to keep under control. There is no one aspects more important than other, all of them have to be taken seriously and analyzed in depth. Only so, you will be able to run an effective cycle without damaging your health.

2. Taking steroids too early.

The use of steroids among young people is a real problem and this trend seems to stay linearly with every year.  Resorting to steroids to improve body shape has not to occur earlier than 21-22 years old. Until this age, young body is is a developing stage, when natural testosterone level is high, being no need for elevating it artificially. The usage of steroids on young ages can cause irreversible side effect, like impotence and also have bad influence on mental health. Therefore, NO steroids allowed until body reach mature and development is over.

3. Being no physically prepared for begging steroids usage.

You have to be in a good athletic mood to be able to get best results from steroid use. Anabolics potentiates the muscle building process when you have the right training foundations. In all other cases, the gains will disappear once the cycle is over and you just put your at health risk in vain. So, you need a good physical preparedness. Not only for training hard in the gym, but also to manage to keep on the muscle mass gains made over cycling.

4. Taking steroids for too long time.

The safer are short steroid cycles, but these are the less effective. That’s why most of bodybuilders go with longer cycles, up to 12 weeks. More than this, there are people who even don’t interrupt steroids consumption at all, making use of “bridging method” (off period are filled with mild steroid). The longer is the cycle the higher chances to damage your health, while uninterrupted use of steroids has terrible effects on liver and kidney.  

Pay attention to side effects occurred over the cycling. They are telling you that your body is not ready to handle more steroids, and time is to stop taking them. The good news with steroids is that side effects disappear once the use is ceased.  

5. High dosage steroid administration.  

Not all steroids work on the principle “the more you take, the better the results”. Some of them do, but in all other cases excessive use of steroids leads to health problems and not bigger muscle at all. Our body can only use a limited amount of testosterone, so that everything comes beyond this limit is turned into estrogen. This means gyno, water retention or testicular shrinkage problems. Who want it? Nobody. So, use safe dosage and if altered with proper training and diet, the results will be more than impressive.

6. Poor training.

When being on steroids, muscles have to be stimulated at maximum. Working out using regular weights is not enough. Use heavier weights and increase the progressively. Work out intensely, push yourself over your limits and amazing gains in muscle mass will be achieved.

7. Use high quality steroids.

Stay away of low quality gears sold at a very low price. A high quality product cannot be on sale for several dollars. Carefully choose the store you buy from and make sure them sale only genuine, good quality gears. To find one, lookup for users review and don’t be shy to ask via email where the steroids come from and who is the manufacturer. The more questions you have and get clear answers to them, the more reliable the steroid store is.

Counterfeit steroids may be under dosed, contaminated, expired or even contain another gear than the one mentioned on label. Check the label and make sure the components and its percentage is clearly established and the expired date is visible. Measure twice and cut once and you will not be wrong.

8. Poor diet.

A high in calories and proteins, and low fat diet have to be followed when being on steroids. A deficitary diet will not support the heavy training you are performing to build muscle mass. Make sure you eat right, healthy food spread in a 5-6 meals throughout the day.

You can be safe while taking steroids if you have in mind the mentioned mistakes that everybody has to avoid. Please, don’t limit to only this information and find out more details on each of them. In our steroids rubrique on this blog you will get precious insights about steroid use in general and each aspect of cycling in particular.

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    Thank you for getting back to me that fast. I also have Anabolic 10mg that I can take as an oral , along with the HGH and the test cyp. Would adding this oral help me to gain the muscle mass any sooner then if I did not add that to what I am presently taking?

  4. F Kyle

    February 11, 2016 at 11:45 am

    You can stack dianabol or the stronger oxymetholone tabs, but dont forget to buy Liv 52 and tamoxifen after each roid cycle

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