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Anabolic Steroids

Do Anabolic Steroids Change Both Men and Women?



Do Anabolic Steroids Change Both Men and Women?

Yes, of course, anabolic steroids change both men and women. But before going into details, you should have an idea of what anabolic steroids are? Anabolic steroids are a type of steroids that is closely related to male testosterone. These steroids disturb the normal function of these hormones and lead them to a point where the body stops the natural production of them.

This is one of the main drawbacks of steroid intake. Another drawback of these steroids is this that as they are taken in through medicines of injections, they can be injected more than is required. This excess brings a lot of harm to the user.

You may have seen a large number of athletes and sportsmen using these anabolic steroids to increase muscle mass and overall physical performance. Either they are ignorant of the negative aspect of the drug or they are not considering them something serious.

Whatever may be the reason, they are playing with their health. This use of steroids may lead them to heart attack, shrinkage of testicles in men, breast reduction in women, and acne-like many other problems.

It is true that these types of drugs are prescribed by the doctors too. But do you ever think that what are the conditions in which doctors suggest these drugs? I think only have the support of physicians in some of the cases is not enough to consider it safe for everyone. Doctors suggest these steroids to men who cannot produce enough of the hormones testosterone, to those patients who are experiencing anemia, or in some cases to reduce inflammation. Are you one of them?

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It is noticed that the constant use of these steroids changes both men and women. Both experience these changes either physically or mentally. For example, both experience weight gain, both feel oily skin and oily hair, both may have a high blood pressure problem of having high cholesterol, both find high sexual desire, and both have acne marks on their face.

Some of these problems can be treated after the discontinuation but some have permanent features. It is advisable to have a sitting with your doctor about the related possible effects of steroids on your body. Any sensible doctor will never support the unnecessary use of these drugs.

Above mentioned effects are experienced by both men and women simultaneously. There are some effects that men and women experience individually. For example, men who use these anabolic steroids without any prescription of the doctor only to improve the muscles or to enhance the power may suffer from the reduction in testicle size; he may have a low sperm count, and there is a prostate cancer risk. He may have pain in urination and he may develop breasts.

Permanent use of these steroids may lead to infertility too. On the other side, women may grow facial hair like a beard in men; they may have experienced a change in voice and baldness like men, and they usually feel menstrual dysfunction. All these effects either on men or on women are all very harmful and sometimes irreversible.

There are many drug treatment centers that offer effective treatments for steroid users but in my opinion, it is just insane first to call and invite the disease by using steroids and then try to treat it and get rid of it. So think a lot before starting the cycle of steroids.

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