Half-Lives Of Steroids

How many of you know how long steroids or esters stay in the body after being totally eliminated from blood? If many, than this is great. Since this is a first and by far a very important signal you know what you do.

But if your knowledge about steroids half-lives is limited to "i've heard something about, but don't have a deep understanding of the subject" it's time to spend some time taking notes from slides shared below.

Knowing the half-life of steroids you are about to use help to design a proper cycle and begin the PCT on time. You will know when you are "clean" after the last dosage entered the body, which is tremendously important for trainee participating in competitions.

So analyze the slide and get detailed info of half live of most popular steroids, esters and ancillaries.



Half lives of steroids


Are you ready for next cycle? Bookmark this image for easy access next time you are not sure which steroids to pick up from the perspective of how long they  would be detected in your body.

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