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More Middle-Aged Men Taking Steroids To Look Younger



More Middle-Aged Men Taking Steroids to Look Younger

           As men get older their testosterone levels drop, which can sometimes lead to a reduced sex drive, weight gain and muscle reduction. Everyone becomes old when our age increases and it cannot be controlled by anyone because it is nature. When the age increases, certain changes occur in our body naturally are wrinkles in the face, physical change in the appearance and have low energy are natural which will start to occur at a certain age, and take Steroids to look younger.

           The age factor is an important reason for some men to lose their sex drive due to low testosterone level. Those who go with natural looks, feel worries about those who are taking the steroids to make them look younger.

What Do The Steroids Do To Make The Men Look Young?

What do the Steroids do to make the Men Look Young?

          The anabolic steroids are also known as anabolic-androgenic steroids, it is available both in tablet and injection form. Mostly, the sportsmen inject steroids directly into their muscles or steroid capsules to increase their muscle mass and strength. Nowadays, the old men started to take anabolic steroids to make them look young and strong.

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          The anabolic steroids will boost the production of red blood cells in the consumer’s body. The increase in red blood will automatically result in an increase of oxygen supply to their muscle and boost their stamina. It will make them look fit, strong and also increases their sex performance. Thus, the anabolic steroids will make the user look young with the increase in strength and stamina.

What Are The Health Problems Faced By Steroid Consumers?

1. Not getting Enough Education About Steroids.

             The consumption of steroids is not good for health because the steroid increases testosterone into the body which is naturally stopped. Anabolic steroids might make the consumer suffer from serious health problems. Yes, the anabolic steroids will make you suffer from heart disease, kidney problems, aggressive behavior, acne, and blood clots.

            The consumer may even suffer from some memory loss or mental problems while compared to the other non-users at the same age. The steroids will increase your hormone level and energy against nature. When the consumer stops using it suddenly, your body may take several days to recover.

What Will Be Symptoms After Stopping Steroids?

            When the consumer of the steroids stops or decreases the use of steroids, it may result in several side effects. The user will be depressed, less active and less energetic. This mental disorder might be because of the change of mood. The steroid will boost the red blood cell in middle-aged men which is against nature. Nowadays, people buy steroids online or in gyms to remain young and fit.

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What Experts Say About Consuming The Steroids?

              Jim McVeigh, an expert on steroid use at Liverpool John Moores University says that there are more key points for the aged people for better appearance. According to Sid Wiffen, the older men use the steroids to make them remain youthful, fit and increased energy level. Chris Mohr, an exercise physiologist says that the people are seeing the steroid as a solution to remain youthful.

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Personal Experience of 53-Year Old Men:

           One 53-year old man who is using the steroid has shared his personal experience. From his speech, we came to know that he is a non-smoker and takes care of himself by eating healthy foods. He visits the gym three or four times a week and drinks only on some weekends and leads an active social life. Though he is a non-smoker, he is consuming the steroids for the past three years.

          And he added that he was apprehensive when he started to use the steroids. He is not a bodybuilder and he said that he doesn't want to a bodybuilder. He said that he got the steroid drug in the gym. Also, he started to consume the steroid only to look fit and for nice physique, but not for rippling muscles.

          He uses the steroid once in a week with the small amount of dosage which makes him feel fantastic. His testosterone levels and other blood levels are normal which he checks regularly at a local clinic. The consumption of steroids makes him feel good with extra muscle mass and it helps him to sleep well.


         The steroids give an appetite for his life and also a better sex drive. He also added one interesting thing that no one knows that he is using the steroids expect his partner, who is fine with it. As mentioned earlier, he uses steroids with the small dosage. He looks normal with a slim waist. Also, he doesn’t have the 60-inch chest or big belly like the other steroid user.

            He added that he takes the drug only to look fit, feel happy and not like other users to remain young. Also, he added that anything in excess is bad, but taking the thing in moderation won’t create any problem. He said that steroid is like alcohol and take it in moderation to remain healthy.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Garry

    November 22, 2017 at 2:35 pm

    I think this is good news. Testosterone and HGH not so dangerous, but you should consulted with doctor before you start.

  2. HRT Guru

    February 9, 2018 at 3:48 pm

    In this matter, the right choice of a doctor who can advise you is more important.

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