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Steroids and Sporting Society



Steroids and Sporting Society

Sporting activities are a way of boosting the wellness and the abilities to come up with a higher performance. Athletes who use steroids while exercising or going for a competition are known to pose greater competition among the rest and also come at as winners. 

Steroids and Sporting Society

Use of steroids in sports hit the market in the 1950’s international competitions like the Olympics and the Commonwealth Games. Steroids are less harmful to the human body and also quite helpful, unlike the negative connotation it has been assigned by the medical practitioners and the media.

They have a much lower chance of causing death.  This drug has also been said to cause side effects to the sportsmen but still, these side effects have not yet been justified by any clinical research. They may as well be caused by other things rather than the steroids like alcohol or other lethal drugs.

The legal system understands this well and that is why they have not been banned from use or sale in any part of the world.There can never be an argument about the positives of using steroids.  They boost the performances of the sportsmen and women.

They are then able to win big awards, gain the fame and popularity, become rich and also give glory to the nation of origin.  If Marion Jones had not used steroids, she would be a nonentity today, and the glory given to the American athletes would never have occurred.

Steroids and Sporting Society

I see no concrete reasoning of banning sports personalities who use steroids.  The truth of the matter is that every other person who competes in sports uses them, only that it takes a while before they are discovered.

And, not all of the users emerge the winner.  Steroids are like a charm bracelet that gives hope after lots of hard work and practice. Steroids should indeed be encouraged especially among the male sports personalities.

As you may well know, steroids are produced naturally in the male bodies as hormones-testosterone.  Some men may have lower counts of this hormone and this is why they look for a better alternative that is going to supplement this hormone.

It helps them develop characteristics that are more masculine like a deepened voice and a beard.  Steroids are mainly used by long-distance runners to increase their speed, baseball, rugby and in wrestling matches.

Recently, there have been allegations that some animals’ owners are also injecting their animals with steroids to enhance their performance.  Famous matches like bullfighting and horse racing are the most common ones.  The truth is; there is nothing wrong with using steroids.

They have a lot of benefits to the body.  For sports personalities especially, they enhanced the growth of muscles, treat attacks of the facial paralysis and increase the energy, strength and sexual drive.

Steroids are not just beneficial for sporting events.  They help to cure several diseases too.  Diseases that lead to the deterioration of muscles and cancers can be cured.  When used by the older people, it is known to prevent and also cure Alzheimer’s disease.

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