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Best Workout For the Upper Body Part




Here is the best workout program that is very effective in building the upper body part. Further, we will talk about the specifics of this program, the diet, and additives that have to be added to it and the effective number of sets and repetitions that have to be performed in order to achieve muscle growth.

Best Workout Procedure

So,  first of all, perform bench press: 3-4 approaches for 6-8 repetitions, rest - 3 min. Next perform thrust rod to the belt, the same 3-4 approaches, 6-8 reps and rest 3 min as well. After this come 2-3 sets of 10-12 reps. inclined bench press bar exercises, and rest 2 minutes. Do 2-3 sets of 10-12 reps standing cable flyes exercises, and take a pause of 2 minutes. Ent your workout with bench EZ-bar for biceps: 1-2 sets of 12-15 reps., pause-1.5 min.

Basic program is suitable for beginners and those who deal with workers weights not exceeding 70-80 kg. Its goal is to hone the mechanics of performing basic exercises to automatism and launch mechanisms of hormone production, improve metabolism.

Drawback of this program is that low reps and high weight significantly increases the risk of injury or overtraining. Once you have reached the milestone of 70 kg in any of the basic exercises, then it’s time to change the program.

The upper and lower training. According to modern bodybuilding theories, each muscle group needs to be trained at least twice a week or at least once every five days. Proved that this approach is most effective for the growth of muscle tissue and improve protein metabolism.

In this case, the biceps or shoulders are not considered a separate group of muscles, and cell division occurs only on the upper and lower body. Most modern programs include two training sessions on the upper body, and a week or two for the bottom.

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Alternation Training

Alternation Training

For most bodybuilders best work the practice based on the separation of the upper and lower parts of the body, and the alternation of training twice a week or at least every five days, so 4 times a week in the first case and three times in the second.

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This approach for the best workout enables the development of important mechanisms for muscle growth hormones and the most effective use of all the muscles. While the muscles of the upper half of the body are restored, you actively train lower, and vice versa.

Sets and Reps

Sets and Reps

The first two exercises are the most difficult, namely 3-4 approach with low reps and long rest between sets. The following two exercises are recommended to alternate from workout to workout.

The last two exercises on biceps and triceps should be performed in 1-2 sets with a high number of repetitions. You should have a short rest between repetitions. It is up to you to choose the number of sets, depending on fatigue.

Abs and Cardio

Do not try to add some abdominal exercises in the specified program. With proper implementation of the best workout program. You'll be hard-packed in 60 minutes allowed for strength training. The press was allowed to train on other days.

Limit the amount of cardio to warm up and cool down for 7-10 minutes summary. If you want to use it as a study of relief, then select a special day for this training, or align with the evening morning cardio strength training.

Diet and Sports Nutrition for Best Workout

Stick to the basic foundations of the diet, watch the protein intake. F total energy intake, it should be 20% higher than normal. As for sports nutrition is critically important protein immediately after exercise, at other times is optional.

Creatine, energy, BCAA, amino acids and other additives are used only in the event that you are getting enough protein and calories from food, to fully exercise and sleep well. keep in mind that additives and supplements do not replace the basic things.

And remember that the choice of specific exercise is not as important as the basic principles of the program: alternating best workout on the top and bottom of the body at least once every five days for each, a full protein diet and quality sleep.

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