Common Muscle Building Mistakes

It’s is very likely that you faced the issue of training hard and do not achieve the growth of your muscle the way you want.  If you want to know some important insights about the truth of building muscle read further.

Common Muscle Building MistakesLet’s be honest and recognize that most of the owners of a sports figure have it by nature, belonging to mesomorth body type. Another part is guys with a weak body at beginning of the workout that managed to add 10 pounds of muscle with big difficulty. These ten pounds of muscle mass looks like a great achievement on the background of their weakness. So, why most guys are not able to add muscle? Are they doing something wrong or have a wrong overview of all this process?
There are some major and very common mistakes that influence the process of building muscle.  So, here they are:
The absence of very well established goal
It’s impossible to burn fat and gain muscle in the meantime, whereas these are two fundamentally different processes for the body. First, require an energy deficit and the second the excess. Despite any “miracle diet” that is proposed to you, keep in mind that the goal can be only one.

If your level of body fat below 15%, start to gain muscle, increasing the rate of calories by 20%. As soon as the fat level will rise to 17-18%, start losing weight, reducing the rate of 20%. You have to repeat this process again and again and this is only correct way.

The lack of calories:

Muscle growth requires energy. If you do not eat food with enough calories, then how will your body gain muscle? If you do not gain weight, then in most of 99% cases you eat too less.

You can calculate the rate of daily calories based on formula, multiply it by your activity factor, and then add 10-20%, or simply multiply your weight in kilograms to 35-40 - the numbers are roughly the same.

Lack of protein in the diet:

Along with eating enough food, you need to consume a significant amount of protein. Minimum level corresponds to 2 g per kg of body weight, but it is better to take up to 3-3.5 grams per kilogram.

Be aware that measuring visually the number of calories and protein is practically impossible. At least for the beginning, you will have to write down in a special journal everything you eat and calculate the calories. Otherwise, you'll eat much less.

Too often training. There are two very important moments that everybody should be aware of there is no need to train more than three times a week, and it is dangerous to train for longer than one hour.
The simple fact that professional athlete training every day doesn’t means that this is ok for you too.

The main rule of muscle growth is to get them to grow with little effort. Do not forget that muscles do not grow during a workout, but after it.

Training with too big weights:

Muscles do not grow due to lifting enormous weights. They grow by proper technique and steady increase in workload. The weight you use when training is not, in fact, such important.

The most important thing is to do exercises technically correct, and feel that works exactly the muscle that you want it to work. Only in this way you will achieve results, and do not get injured cause to exaggerate weights.

Hopefully, you will consider all these ideas next time you go training.

Excess of cardio exercises
If you want to build muscles, then there is no to exhaust yourself with cardio exercises before or after a workout. Warm-up is very correct, but it does not necessarily include running, sufficient and regular movements.

Without a proper diet, running will not help you to lose weight. Moreover, running is not able to improve the relief after strength training. Do not waste your time and energy which is so important for the muscle growth.

Sports nutrition doesn’t make wonders
Sports nutrition is aim to complement the daily food ration, but not replace it. Try to provide the body with everything it needs from the usual diet.

If you are not getting enough calories from food, it does not matter what you kind of sports nutrition you take - the muscles will not grow. In addition, follow the recommended dosage - one capsule of fish oil a week, cannot change anything.

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  1. Reene Smith

    April 4, 2016 at 4:33 am


    Being a girl, I can not get huge muscles, but constantly I am working on my biceps as I don’t want thin biceps like other girls. But I don’t know, Why i haven’t been able to grow my arm, they are still small like before. I am eating nuts, bananas and drinking Milk after the proper Workout.

    Don’t know, What mistake I am making, but i really want to have good biceps. i want good muscles around my arms.

    ~ Reene

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