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How to Train With Expander Cable




Expander cables are a great alternative to heavy training. Being a bodybuilders you have to know that from time to time you need to layoff of big weights training in order to avoid adaptation and to ensure further muscle growth. There are many alternatives such as dumbbells, or barbells but only expander cables exercises do not get you overtraining so easy. That's why you have to add expander exercise to your training program and do it regularly.

Expander exercises very well develop muscle arms, especially the shoulder joint, and trunk muscle. The expander is a simple piece of equipment consisting of many parts. Namely, from the springs, but can be used with rubber bands attached to two handles. You can also increase the load for each set by adding a new spring.

If you choose to do expander exercise than you need to gradually increase the load. Do the first one 1-2 sets of exercises with one spring. Once you will be able to perform the established number of repetitions per exercise with no difficulties, you can increase the number of springs or approaches. Also, when you do exercises, check for expander cable to constantly come to the starting position slowly, with little resistance, without relaxing muscles.

If you are about to start expander exercises than in the first sessions include 5-6 sets of 7-8 reps. Take a pause of 30 seconds between exercises. The duration of training start from 10-15 minutes and have to be increased gradually to 30 minutes. Also, the number of reps increase 12 for each set.

A great advice for you before beginning expander cable workout has properly defined the purpose of your training. As you know,  firstly you must get rid of fat, and only after this, you begin to work on muscle building. Otherwise, muscles mass will be covered by fat, and you will get a lean muscle body.

Depending on your goal, you will select a specific set of exercises, the load level and an effective number of reps. If you want to lose weight, and strengthen muscles that are chosen exercises for all muscle groups with a focus on problem areas such as abs, chest, legs, back, arms or shoulders.

Do not forget to warm-up before training for 10 minutes including aerobic and cardio exercise. The duration of basic training takes up to 30 minutes. Try to work firstly largest muscles, such as legs and back.  Exercise has to be performed at a rapid pace while trying to make a second pause at the moment of maximum muscle contraction.

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If you want to increase strength and muscle mass, then training is the same as in case of free weights workout. Firstly warm-up, and then do exercises for 30 minutes. Do 6-15 reps for each exercise, with a one minute pause between each set.

By performing less than 6 reps you develop strength, and if you exceed 15 reps you develop muscle endurance. The same rapid pace tempo is required, with a one-second pause in the maximum point. For achieving results, do not forget to increase the number of reps each week.

Let’s see further five most common expander cable exercises for building a different group of muscles.

Pull a Part Expander Cable Exercise:

Pull apart Expander Cable ExerciseAttach the expander cable to a fixed support, such as racks for squats. Standing with your feet together, and handle in each hand, extend your hands outwards slowly and smoothly.

You will feel how deltoid, trapezius muscles get flexed. Hold this position for a second. Then slowly return the arms to the starting position. Once again press your hand's hands apart, and so on.

This exercise trains the side and rear beams deltoid, trapezius muscles. In order to gradually increase the load, you will have to increase the number of reps.

Upright Rows With Expander:

 Upright Rows with Expander Cable

Stand with your feet in the middle of the expander. Adjust its length so that the tension of the expander begins in drooping hands. Stand up straight, do not slouch. Turn the palms to the hips.

Gently pull up along the expander body. At the same time, spread your elbows to the side, but hold his hand close to his body.

When pulling expander to the chin, make a one-second pause. Feel the work of trapezius muscles. Then slowly return the arms to the starting position. Once again pull up the expander. Repeat the movement as many times as you can. Do the exercise until exhaustion.

Exercise For The Middle Back:

Exercise For the Middle Back

Fix expander at the level of the knee. Knees have to be slightly bent, back straight, your abdominal muscles are tense, expander in the tense situation.

On the exhale, bendable arms, bringing the shoulder blades together, then return to starting position and inhale.

When performing this exercise back should always be straight, shoulders should be kept together, to feel your back muscles. Three sets of 25 reps would be enough for this type of exercise.

Expander Cable Exercise For Buttocks and Thighs:

Expander Cable Exercise for Buttocks and Thighs

This type of exercise greatly improves the shape of the buttocks and thighs. Get on your knees and elbows. Fasten the ends of the expander on the feet. Lift one leg back and up, bending at the knee (as if you want to push the ceiling), and the other remains in place. Perform 10-15 repetitions with both feet.

Pull Back on Top Exercise:

Pull Back on Top ExerciseThis exercise strengthens the trapezius and latissimus dorsi muscle. Standing position, with your feet at shoulder width apart, and hands with expander are extended above the head. On the exhale, draw a shock absorber, shoulder blades will be reduced, and the return to an initial inspiration the elbows should be slightly bent and immobile, shoulders are not raised. Three sets of 10-15 reps for this exercise would be enough.

Have to be said that breath while performing expander cable exercise is very important. According to statistics, one of the main causes of heart disorders over age 40 in case of at least  50% of bodybuilders is incorrect breathing during weight training.

As you observed holding the breath when straining increases strength, but at the same time, it affects the heart muscle. If you use to do 1-2 reps per set, then it has a short-term side effect and does not lead to the development of cardiovascular diseases.

While the big number of sets performed by holding breath when straining has different consequences. It increases the risk of coronary heart disease, arrhythmias, and many other complex disorders of the heart. Worst of all, breath holding leads to an immediate rise in blood pressure. Over time, high blood pressure may lead to strokes and heart attacks.

Holding breathing while straining leads to a weakening of the blood flow to the working muscles. Oxygen is an important agent of muscle growth. The more oxygen in the blood, the better. Frequent breath holding during strength training reduces the oxygen level in the blood, and, to its lowest level when it comes to vertigo.

Thus, during workout monitor your breath until you will practice the rhythm automatically. During one rep you have to take a full breath. From the technical point of view this is the right way of breathing during an exercise: inhale before the first repetition, exhale on the phase of maximum stress and inhale in the negative phase of the movement.

That being said, let’s point out some very important rules to follow during expander cable exercises.

-First of all, never miss warm-up. It will keep you away from any injury and make your muscles ready for work. An injury can keep you out of the gym for a long time, and surely no one wants it.
-Use the most rigid models of expander arsenal for maximum effort. Also, you can even use two expanders for more resistance.
-Avoid getting overtraining. Get rest breaks between sets, and training as well. A three times a week expander cable workout is quite enough.
-Pay attention to right execution. Pull your hands apart until the final moment, and then slowly return to the initial position.

In conclusion, can be said that expander cable is a great tool to build muscle mass. They are easy to store and you can take it everywhere with you. Also, expander exercise can be used when no other weight training is allowed. Cable exercise greatly help to increase chest muscle, improve breathing capacity and has a massage effect on internal organs. Along with chest muscle, it helps to work for deltoid, biceps, triceps, lats, forearms muscle group too.

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However, for great results in muscle growth, you have to follow the right way of execution and to breathe properly. These factors are crucial in all bodybuilding exercises and you have to make them your golden rule. Just bear it in mind and every time you get tempted to cheat or are absent-minded remember that they make your workout efficient.

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