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How To Inject Steroids



How to inject steroids

There are several things you need to know before starting to inject anabolic steroids.  The first one and the most important is to bear in mind that for this procedure you have to be clean and follow the rules of good personal hygiene. Secondly is to always use new syringes which are sealed. Never use old syringes, or especially strangers since there are high risks to get various serious infections.

Going further make sure the injection site is clean and properly chosen. Get the new syringe from the package, put the needle on it and make sure that it strongly fixed to the syringe. Wipe the top of the bottle, in case you use a steroid in the bottle, using a cloth dipped in alcohol to make sure that it is sterile.

Take off the needle protector, insert the needle into the vial, turn it upside down and fill the syringe the required amount of liquid, plus a little bit beyond that. Now knock your finger on the syringe to bring air bubbles to the top of the syringe into one, then enter that extra portion of the fluid, taken over, back into the bottle and the air will go along with it.

With the help of another alcohol-soaked cloth carefully wipe the injection site. Try do not touch anything with a needle as it can get dirty and may cause serious problems cause infection. If from the needle spilled some liquid, do not try touch or even to wipe it, because it will help to lubricate the injection site.

Now, holding the syringe at an angle of 90 degrees, put the needle deep into the muscle. Then pull the plunger back. In case the blood enters the syringe means that you reached blood vessel and you should carefully take out the needle and try again. If there is no blood, slowly, so that there was no pain, apply pressure on the needle, until all the liquid gets into the muscle.

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Finally, quickly take out the needle and massage the site of injection with another sterile cloth. This procedure has to be done in order to reduce the bleeding and remove the discomfort in the next few days. After this put a protective cover on the needle and remove it from the syringe.

It is very important to know that is not advisable to inject in the same site more than 2 ml and no more than 2 times a week. Like in case of another kind of injectable medicine, the gold rule says that it is absolutely prohibited to use the syringe or the needle for another injection.

Once we talked about how to inject anabolic steroids and have mentioned the proper way you have to do it, now let’s see what where anabolic steroids have to be injected. Anabolic steroids, both oil and water-based, should be injected intramuscularly (deep into the muscle). The most common place for the intramuscular injection is the buttocks, thighs and the outer part of the delta.

These muscles are most often for injection due to their thickness. The choice is also based on the fact that these sites have a larger number of fibers and extensive fascia. If you do not know fascia is a connective tissue that surrounds and separates muscles. due to this injected anabolic steroid has a large absorption surface.

The main purpose, while steroid is injected, is to introduce the needle as deep as possible and do not touch any nerve or blood vessel. In this order, the best place for injection is medius gluteus, located in the upper outer part of the buttocks. It is preferred due to its thickness and the presence of a small number of nerves.

When injected the steroids into this muscle the probability of hitting the blood vessels or the sciatic nerve, which passes through the lower and middle part of the buttocks, is very low. But if it happens to be damaged, you will feel pain and can cause temporary paralysis.

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Choosing The Right Syringe:

Choosing the Right Syringe:

How to choose the right syringe is a very important question and you undoubtedly have to know the proper answer to it. First of all, you will need the syringe for the required amount. The liquid is measured in cubic millimeters. Secondly, you need a needle which will enter deep into the muscle for optimal absorption. Also, it needs to have a sufficient diameter to pass the oil, but not too wide, so as not to injure yourself.

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There are many different types of syringes available, some longer, some thicker. Most bodybuilders prefer 2-3 ml syringes. The best advice here if you are not sure about how to select the syringe is to consult your pharmacist.

As you see knowing the best site for a steroid injection and the proper way to do it you can get all advantages from steroids injection. Moreover, this will keep you away from getting any infection and maximize the positive effects of intramuscular steroids injection on your muscle growth.



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