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Most Common Myths About Using Steroids




Androgens and anabolic steroids are not only remarkable drugs. Being largely used to achieve better results in sport, they are a source of many myths, legends. That’s why we will talk further in this article about the most popular myths regarding steroids use, and helping you to increase awareness about their use.

The most popular misconception among fans of steroids is the belief that androgens and anabolic steroids are safe. First of all let's begin with the fact that, by definition, there are no safe drugs, and androgens and anabolic steroids are drugs. Correctly would be to mention the level of dangerous these products has on our health.

You have to know all androgens and anabolic steroids are potentially harmful to a liver. Their effect is like in case of using antibiotics or paracetamol, and less dangerous than alcohol. In case of the cardiovascular system is somewhat more complicated: it is true that the use of AAS leads to the improvement of the "bad" cholesterol, but also raised the level of "good" cholesterol, so that the ratio "good/bad" changes slightly.

By the way, if we are talking about security AAS, one of the softest drugs is considered testosterone. To this category can be added methenolone -Primobolan. On the other side of this top are stanozolol (affect the liver), and oxandrolone (has the irritating effect on the stomach).

All AAS is Deadly:

All AAS are Deadly:

Yes, as you noted too, this one legend is the opposite of the previous myth. Just spread it on the contrary of those who, for one or another reason avoid taking AAS. There is no need for many arguments. Just tell you about an experiment conducted in China. I will not stir up "the case of bygone days," I refer to the data from one of the freshest investigations, conducted in China.

A number of 733 volunteers for 30 consecutive months have taken 500 mg of testosterone in a month by injection. The result was really good: there were not noted any deviations from the normal for none of the participants in the experiment. Yes, it may seem that this is a small dose, but most of the athletes are taking namely this dose.

The main conclusion is that there was not detected a fatal dose or even toxic dose for using AAS. More than this, in case of an experiment, a volunteer successful underwent injection of 100 grams of various AAS for one day. This one more time proves that risks of death caused by alcohol or tobacco are higher than death caused by the use of AAS.

Use of AAs Cause Infertility:

Along with this always comes assertion that all bodybuilders are impotent. This one idea is very far from reality. During the  AAS course, the libidos of bodybuilder usually are higher than normal. Drop in libido can occur in case of wrong cease of steroids cycle, but it always recovers. Yes, outside the "course" certainly will not be able to reach the same heights as in AAS, but libido is quite common for the average man.

Regarding fertility, we must admit that science knows several cases, the onset of infertility is due to AAS. But compared with the number of fans of "anabolic", this number is not too large. With a correct treatment, and most importantly if used correctly infertility can be avoided.

Most of professional have absolutely normal children. So, do not be naive and give credit to those who say that AAS can cause genetic mutations in the offspring of those who take them.

You can Achieve the same Result without Using AAS

Impressive achievements in the composition, speed, power rates, indeed, can be achieved without the use of AAS. But you need to be a genetic "monster", a mutant in the truest sense of the word. Significantly different from normal human performance Usain Bolt - the world record holder in the 100 and 200 meters.

Lung volume of Miguel Indurain, who won five consecutive bicycle race "Tour de France", was about 8 liters (with an average even for an elite cyclist 6 L), and the heart allowed to pump up to 7 liters of blood per minute (for cyclists - 5-6 l ). No normal man can achieve such results without the use of drugs.

Androgens and anabolic steroids somewhat equalize the chances; make it possible to reach more people with a much more modest genetic set. By the way, to doping are not limited to, in various sports-apply your very special products. However, not ever stimulants were not given to replace the training process, the error in the training did not fix any doping. And in bodybuilding - and errors in diet.

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Eliminate Sports Doping:

Must be either deeply naive person, or a person interested in fighting "for the purity of sport" financially to believe in this fairy tale. Anti-doping forces not to give up dope money and invent new ones. Or to improve the methods of concealment doping.

The fact that we can now be considered a well-known: almost 70% of the samples taken from the winners of Olimpiady 2000 in Sydney were found metabolites of the substance, later identified as an anabolic steroid Genabol. This drug has never been produced on an industrial scale, and therefore doping tests on it were not conducted.

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Scandal decided not to inflate, as previously announced Sydney Games were the most "pure" in history ... Nowadays many laboratories are engaged in the development of specific products, including those of AAS class, which means the doping control cannot be detected.

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