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Most Common Errors of Steroids Therapy



Most Common Errors of Steroids Therapy

It is true that bodybuilders who use steroids often make lots of mistakes, which, whether they were armed with basic knowledge could have been avoided. But where they can get this knowledge? The main and most common resources are specialized publications, and of course more experienced bodybuilders. Also, nowadays, the internet offers a variety of information about steroids: beginning with articles signed by professional bodybuilders or amateurs who get great results and ending with communication platforms where people are able to share their opinion/experience on building muscle.

So, in this article, we would like to talk about the most common mistakes that chemical bodybuilder often made. Even it is unpleasant to hear, the first error occurs when an athlete decides to resort to steroids. This assertion is based on fact that steroids should either not use, or use them regularly and systematically.

Steroid cycles that are conducted from time to time with long intervals between them are unlikely to give you great results in adding weight. Yes, there are many people saying they manage to get by one or two courses of steroids about 10 kg of muscle and to keep this increase after ending steroid cycle.  And such impressions are not a rarity on bodybuilding forums.

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But as a rule, these people get wishful as a reality, and usually, those 10 kgs are basically not muscle, but something else. Usually, the earned during a cycle weight immediately begin to lower after it. The same can be said about the power rates: if you just a couple of weeks ago you were able to do dozens of tractions, suddenly it becomes impossible to perform the same number.

The most interesting is the fact that almost no tricks which builders try in order to keep up the mass and strength, do not help. Some of these tricks are about slowly and gradually decreasing the dose of steroids at the end of the cycle, intake in the final stage of course of HGG, anti-estrogens (Nolvadex, Proviron) and anti-catabolic (like clenbuterol) massive load amino acids, etc.

It is possible that all these measures somehow slow down a bit the collapse of strength and mass, which expects the majority of athletes at the end of the course (although, certainly, there are exceptions to the rule), but, unfortunately, too less. And the longer you refrain from steroids, the more you fray.

As a result, two to four months of abstinence from steroids are quite enough to lose all that you achieved during the 6-12-weeks of steroid therapy. The conclusion is that the intervals between cycles should be minimal: only following this rule is possible steady forward movement.

Ambitious athletes, who understand all this, do this way. However, optimal is considered short 4-6-week cycles followed by 2 – 4 weeks intervals between them. The main explanation is that short rest periods do not give the weight to flake, but at the same time allow you to freshen up the muscle cell receptors, responsive to steroids.

In any case, it turns out that for the stable growth of the results the user has at least 8 months of the year get steroids, periodically increasing the dosage of the drugs and replacing it with some other drug, avoiding this way the body's addictive to one drug.

Also, it is very important to mention that along with steroids athletes takes various supplements, whereas without them the effect of steroids is not as high. The conclusion is that building muscle without a solid financial base - is useless and hopeless.

However, there are many athletes who periodically resort to cheap steroids hoping that one day they will look the way they want. But this, of course, is extremely rare. So if you're a bodybuilder just for enhancing your health, and to maintain muscle tone, then do not take steroids.

One of the biggest mistakes of chemical bodybuilders is the use of excessive dosages. Many bodybuilders are, in essence, maximalists and think like this: if taking 300 mg a week, help them grow well, then  600 mg will help to grow even better. In fact, it is not. Different users require different dosages of steroids to build up their muscles.

Moreover, the same athletes may be at the same level of development, have a comparable body weight, etc. Here appears the confusion: which is the cause of such differences? It is obvious that the receptors of the muscle cells of each person perceive those or other drugs in a special way. It's no secret that some individuals do not respond to steroids; while others get a muscle to grow using minimum dosage.

So, What Kind of Tactic makes Sense to Stick to a Specific User?

Most common errors of steroids therapy

A good option could be to begin the cycle using small doses and gradually increase them until you understand after how long time happens the clogging of receptors of muscle cells. As a rule, this occurs after 3-6 weeks after the start of a steroid cycle, but it is obvious that in your case it could be any more specific number.

It can be supposed that after the receptors of muscle cells no longer respond to a particular drug, the further increase in dosage did not give positive results. While the side effects may appear quite brighter(acne, gynecomastia, increased fat accumulation, and excessive water retention).

There are two options in case you notice that your receptors no longer react to a particular drug break the cycle, and take a break for two weeks, using the anti-estrogens and HCG, and then continue the cycle with other drugs reduce the dosage very slowly, to save as much as possible recruited strength and muscle mass while abandon cycle.

As you see being informed about steroids use can keep you away from any danger. And yes, doses and cycles are very important.

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