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Cessation of Steroid Use



Cessation of Steroid Use

Usually, professional athletes use steroids over several years without interruption. This happens because of the fact that they must always be ready for various competitions, to be in shape for different advertisements. Many amateur bodybuilders or athletes are in a similar situation. Because their success depends on their appearance, they have to use steroids whole year. However, the athletes are going to be forced to stop steroid consumption. The causes of this are very different.

The most important is a health problem. Along with these, there are other reasons like some stops using them on schedule because they heard that after 12 weeks has to do some break, other because of limited financial resources, others before doping controls. Almost all athletes, in this case, are in a state of panic.

The following weeks after steroid withdrawal athletes experience the effects of the end of steroids cycle like weight loss, the decrease in strength, fat accumulation, etc. Many athletes pass through a depression and unwilling to go further.

This happens because they enter the catabolic phase, and they will have to deal with some important problems during the next weeks. As you know the level of testosterone in the body is low, and it increase is dependent on the duration steroid use and even dose. The more androgenic the steroid is the greater is the effect of testosterone secretion cesses.

First among steroids who slow down are Testosterone, Dianabol, and Anapolon. Using moderate preparations like Deca, Primobolan, Winstrol, the scale of testosterone shrinking is not just smaller but even the shrinking itself comes later and more gradually.

In case of use of Dianabol, studies have shown that a relatively conservative dose of 20 mg daily after 10 days personal hormone secretion diminishes to 30-40%. Because the body cannot pick up within a day the level of personal hormone secretion, the athlete enters the critical phase of transition. Already the action of exogenous hormones doesn’t appear and the law level testosterone doesn’t improve the situation. It is, therefore, necessary as soon as possible to increase testosterone level.

The second problem is the loss of results gained during the steroids use. As we said above, steroids have a potent anti-catabolic effect. The body reacts to this fact with a large amount of cortisol secretion, as the last which is in the blood can finally achieve their goal.

And this is not so dangerous if the athlete uses steroids permanently, but as steroid use is discontinued, receptor again becomes free for cortisol molecules. They rush suddenly on receptors, forming a complex "receptor molecule" and wears a sad enough information for muscle tissue: decomposition of amino acids.

So, the second problem together with the secretion of high testosterone levels is the shrink of cortisol level.

Further, we will describe the period of transition which play the key factor when it comes to the withdrawal of steroids use.and current level of knowledge possible. Want to notice that this information can not guarantee that the athlete will not lose anything obtained.

So, first of all, is every person should determine advance when the break of steroids will occur and to prepare in advance for this. This involves purchasing the necessary maintenance preparations and also finding the correct psychological support for possible shrinking of muscles and strength volumes.

Train to that day slowly and plan. Approximately 4 weeks before the athlete should minimize the amount of steroid dose and strong androgen action. If you are on pills like  Dianabol and Anapolon, then decrease gradually and slowly their number within 14 days, so the use of androgenic steroid pills to be finished 2 weeks before the “big” day.

Those who used injectable steroids such as androgen Testosterone or Parabolan reduce dose injections to 0 within 4 weeks, so that their use be stopped only in that day. Use of steroids with moderate effects, such as oral Primobolan, Winstrol or Oxandrolone have to be stopped slowly during 14 days before the day you give up the use of steroids.

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Avoid sudden cessation of all types of steroid use simultaneously. Because of this body swerves the catabolic phase immediately. Cortisol receptors become free and combined with low testosterone levels lead to considerable loss of strength and muscle mass, fat and water accumulation.

Also, appear especially sudden unwillingness of training and lack of sexual interest and also a terrible mood of the athlete. If you have to use steroids because of health, they never stop the use of preparations simultaneously.

So, keep in mind that  muscles gained as result of steroid use can be kept as follows:

  • Adapt your nutrition to changed circumstances. At the end of steroid use, the metabolism normalizes. This means that the athlete should minimize the number of calories daily over several days. But protein consumption is kept still quite high - at least 3 g per 1 kg of body weight.
  • Decrease the number of workouts. Avoid the same program that you used when you use steroids because otherwise, the catabolic state will worsen. It’s absolutely contraindicated to try to keep the muscles expanded via intensive training, whereas it is a harmful way. Limit yourself to use basic exercises, train each muscle once a week and strive to maintain your strength. Train only three, four times a week, duration of training should be no longer 75 minutes.

Experience has shown that with discipline and strength of character it possible to reduce significantly the loss of muscle mass after ending a steroids cycle. Also, along with steroids cycle, the same important have the periods between them. The abler you are to manage this period efficiently and the right way, the bigger our chances to maintain your muscle mass. Since there are many people able to increase muscle mass during a steroid cycle, but too few those who know how to keep it between cycles.

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In addition to using steroids, passing between classes is the possible only possibility of permanent upgrades. Often have to give up once and then make two steps forward. This is an essential fact and therefore cannot ignore it and you can not do anything. Many are able to increase their muscle mass with steroids, but in preserving and maintaining it after, few are able.

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