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Supplements and Steroids: What to Choose?




It is well known that building nice muscles is not possible only through training hard. Along with having the appropriate type of organism, there are also two other components that help you to get your muscle growth in short times. In one hand are supplements and in another one steroids.

Further, we will put in balance these two components, supplements and steroids, helping you to realize the difference between these two groups and the advantages of each of them. Pretty sure you know what supplements are, but it does not hurt to remember that supplements are conditioned preparations in form of tablets, capsules, pills, powders, and liquids.

They have in their composition nutrients and other substances accepted by the body, which is consumed in prescription, in addition to the traditional diet. It is very important for you to know that all supplements sold legally need to be approved by health organ of each country, thus every time you purchase something don't forget to check it.

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Another detail that has to be aware of is that a supplement should not cause adverse or harmful reactions and it benefits for health must be greater than the risks. I’m sure you always want to choose only the best of everything you buy. So, when it comes to choosing a good supplement, the question “how to do it?” is very common. So, let’s share further some practical advice on this subject.

Despite this is a quite difficult question, here are some tips meant to help to do the right choice:

• Do not let yourself be tempted by low prices. Keep in mind that a good product cannot have low prices.

• Do not let yourself to be misled by colorful packaging and promotion insistence. Be wise, and always know that matter content, not appearance.

• Check the manufacturer's credibility. The fact that this manufacturer has a website does not give it more credibility.  Try to consult a trainer, or if you have not this possibility look for more information/reviews on the internet, especially on specialized forums.

Do not trust everything that is telling you about supplements in the gym. Since all of us are different and have different types of body, we require different types of supplements too to get muscle growth.

Despite the resistance of many people against supplements, it can do good things, and sometimes lose ground to food supplements. The main examples are creatine, fish oil, CLA and vitamin D, which are impossible to be taken in sufficient quantities only through a traditional the diet.

Using of supplements is supported by another criterion- convenience.  Nowadays time is important, and even if it is better to eat healthy foods in plentiful amounts, sometimes it is simply impossible. In these situations, supplements save time and sometimes money.

Of course, this is not about encouraging replacing quality food with supplements. Bear in mind that despite on the market are a wide range of sports supplements, really useful are scarce. Now let’s see the advantages of steroids on the human body. Many people start taking steroids to get in less time top performance, or others without knowing the side effects begin to eat, almost unaware of step they have been taking.

Steroids give you the advantage to train at high intensity for longer periods of time. It also reduces recovery time. Can be taken by injection, orally or as nasal sprays and gels. You have to know that oral steroids have more negative effects than the injectable ones. It is the belief that they affect liver function.

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Despite steroids have a long list of side effects they continue to be used by a large number of people.  This happens because steroids proved to have a wide range of good effects on an organism that cannot be reached in another way. Along with being used for treating serious diseases as HIV, breast cancer of anemia, or for increasing muscle mass, steroids ensure the lubrication of joints, helping this way to avoid injuries during training.

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Bear in mind that once you decided to take steroids, the first thing to do is to consult a doctor. Do not venture to establish the dose and duration by yourself. There are too many risks. In conclusion, I would like to say that you have to learn to be patient with yourself.

But if you know very well what you want, and you are informed about the risks you take, then it’s up to you to decide what to choose: supplements or steroids.  

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