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Bodybuilding for Teenagers: Mistakes to Avoid



Bodybuilding for Teenagers: Mistakes to Avoid

Many novices come into the gym and think they will work hard, will follow a diet and after 3-4 months they will look amazing. Further, they train to exhaustion, verifies diet for calories, take supplements on a schedule, and after those 3-4 months, they see that have to work even harder to build a great body.

If you are a teen looking to build muscle than be aware of one of the biggest mistake made by teenagers over - setting unrealistic goals. Further, we will detail more other errors which keep away a teenager from getting great results in the gym.

As we said setting unrealistic goals is a capital error for a teen. Many drops out training, being discouraged by the lack of results after a hard period of training. They received significantly less than what they expected.

So, from experience can be said that if you propose to gain 9 kg in the first year than your goal is very significant. Building a champion body requires time, hard work, a strict diet and correct approach to relaxation and recovery. The key in bodybuilding is patience.

Creating a champion of the body takes time, hard work, strict diet and follow the correct approach to relaxation and recovery. In bodybuilding, you will need patience. Try to keep the motivation and confidence that you're moving in the right direction and eventually you can achieve anything.

A great advice here would be to take pictures every four weeks to see the difference, measure the weight and the main parameters. So you can see how your body develops, and if necessary make changes to the program. You will see that pictures will show you the result and help you stay motivated. Keep full accounting records of parameters, together with photographs and a year later with your own eyes you will see the difference.

Another mistake is lack of consistency. Some beginners think that if they have trained for four weeks and then made a pause of two weeks, then they can go back and start with exactly the place from which they completed earlier. This is absolutely wrong!  You have to be consistent and do exercises all the time, otherwise, you will constantly drop back. You have to show consistency in training, diet and rest as well.

No plan of training is the third big mistake admitted by teenagers. Coming to the gym without a plan a training not only means that you will all the have to ask the trainer about the next movements to be done, but you, most important, the risk to get injured. Do your plan of training before going the gym using the help of your training and strictly follow it.

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Following a training schedule of more advanced bodybuilders.
It is ok to admire bodybuilders who have reached already great results and, but it is absolutely wrong to follow his schedule. These schedules are too complex for beginners.
When a bodybuilder is working his body over the years, he knows how it responds to a particular exercise. He knows what part of his body requires large loads, which is just to maintain.

Blind adherence to a schedule of other athletes may not work for you, develop your body evenly. In addition, some of the load and intensity of exercise may be too great for the beginner.

Performing the wrong exercises is another common mistake among teenagers bodybuilders. Training on a set of muscle mass should be short, up to an hour, and include first of all exercises with free weights. Choosing to work with too many gym machines will not make you gain muscle quickly, contrary it will happen slowly. That’s why barbells and dumbbells are the right choices for you.

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Using too much weight while executing in wrong exercises is another common mistake. Maybe it happens to you too to see in the gym arrogant young man who does bench press with maximum load at the bar in order to show all around how strong he is.

The main problem that young man miss is that their body grows faster than the muscles and tendons. Also, the risk to get injured, since complying the correct form of execution with such a weight is very difficult. Young people should know that in bodybuilding weight is just a tool of resistance to the muscles, not a toy for those who want to brag about.

One-two approaches with big weight are more characteristic powerlifting. For you is enough to do correctly 8-15 approaches performance with the lowest weight and after some time you will be able to fully enjoy the results.

Paying less attention to diet is one of the errors that young bodybuilders usually do. Many teenagers honestly do all they need to do in training, but the result still does not are visible. In almost 90% of cases, the main cause is diet.

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Just remember that training creates conditions for the growth of muscles, but namely the food is responsible for it growth. Bear in mind that without food, there are no chances to build muscle mass. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you can eat everything appears behind your eyes.

Remember, for quality muscle you need to accurately count the calories and eat about 500 calories above what you normally burn in the gym. Too many calories (especially fats and sugars), just make you fat. So, make a strict diet and stick to it. Remember, there should be six times a day small meals about every 2-3 hours.

In the food must be sufficient amount of carbohydrates (brown rice, oatmeal, sweet potatoes) as a fuel for exercise, protein (white fish, chicken) as a building material for muscles, and a small amount of fat for normal hormone levels. Having three solid meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) and taking a protein shake between them is the perfect option for you.

Lack of sleep. For adolescents with a mass of unspent energy, it can be hard to accept, but the body is so constructed that grows mainly when a person sleeps. Deprive yourself of sleep and your hormonal activity will decline, and no growth simply will not. Eight or nine hours of sleep will give you the optimum conditions for growth. Seven hours is a minimum below which you simply must not be omitted.

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These are the most common errors admitted by young men looking to build muscle quickly. But you have to know that creating a nice body doesn’t happen over the night. Having perseverance and avoiding the above mistakes you will be able to achieve your goals!

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