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Build your Muscles Goals Without Steroids




You are standing in line to watch the box office hit of the summer season. It's bound to have three things: Babes, explosions, and eye-popping muscles. Action stars these days aren't just muscle-bound; they're shredded icons with road-map veins scrawled across their arms.  You hit the gym like it’s a religion, and you are still struggling to gain one pound. During interviews, actors will talk about how their trainer wakes them up a 5 am every morning.

They'll post pictures on Twitter and Instagram of some paltry colorless blend of proteins they are force-feeding themselves. Here is a little tip, if that same actor played a role as a frail homeless person just 6 months ago, all indications are that his incredible gains came about with a bit of help from steroids.

Why Steroids?


There are two types of steroids found in the human body. The first type is a corticosteroid produced in the adrenal glands. This steroid is necessary for managing stress. This type of steroid is commonly prescribed to help treat asthma, arthritis, and other inflammatory diseases. The second type is an androgenic/anabolic steroid that manages testosterone production in men and women.

When abused, this steroid can rapidly increase performance and muscle mass. Since this steroid enhances the body's ability to produce protein, a high-protein diet coupled with steroids will result in muscle mass gain.  Steroid use is not without its consequence.

Side effects can range from the inability to produce natural testosterone to liver and heart failure. When you consider the side effects of trying to take an easy pill or injecting your way into massive muscles, it's no wonder that people are looking for ways to gain weight without the risk.

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Set Goals


You have to be realistic. If you are determined to gain weight naturally, you have to consider just what is a reasonable expectation.  If you currently weigh 165 lbs, you can't gain 50 lbs of lean muscle.

To succeed without steroids, you need to set reasonable, small, achievable goals in 2-3 months. Buy yourself a journal to keep track of your progress and your goals.

Get to Work


You have to turn your body into a machine. Think of a car assembly line. The entire operation suffers if just one department is not functioning at peak efficiency.  Your body is the same way. Do you want bigger arms? Of course, you do. Showing up at the gym daily to do bicep curls is not the way to get there. If anything, you'll hurt yourself. You will have to adopt a whole-body approach to achieve your goals naturally.

You are building a bigger and better body. This means you have to work for each muscle group. Concentrating on one area could lead to injury, forcing you to wait on the sidelines for weeks while you recover. Exhaustion and injury are the number one factor in making people give up on achieving their bodybuilding goals.

Consistency is key, especially for those who aren't able to quickly gain weight. Add these starter goals to your journal:

  1. Start a plan.  Find a whole-body workout plan and stick to it. It will lay out which body group is worked on what days.
  2. Know in advance which days you are going to the gym. Scheduling ahead of time will keep you from procrastinating.
  3. Find a partner. Being accountable to someone else will help you stay on track.
  4. Rest days. Avoid injury and fatigue by taking the rest days called for in your workout plan.

Eat Right


Assuming your goal is gaining weight, it may be tempting to gorge yourself on fast food. You'll gain weight, but it certainly won’t be lean.  A whole-body approach provides your body with the easily digestible fuel needed to produce lean muscle. Your goals are to:

  1. Eat more protein. Lean fish and chicken breast are excellent sources of protein. Just make sure it's baked or, better yet, steamed to avoid unnecessary oils. You will also want to find a good protein powder supplement. Too keep
  2. Eat good fats. Your body needs fat for proper function. Add avocados and almonds to your diet. This will help reduce cravings for fast food.
  3. Drink a lot. As long as it isn't alcohol. Drink chocolate milk after a hard workout to help speed up your body's recovery.  Drink protein shakes as needed throughout the day to keep fuel in your body.
  4. Take your vitamins. A good multivitamin won't make up for all of the deficiencies in your diet, but it is an integral part of any workout plan.
  5. Reduce Salt Intake. If you don't see results, try lowering your sodium intake slightly. Keeping in mind that your body still needs salt, reducing it can significantly affect muscle definition.

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