Steroid Cycles for Women – How to Start Effectively

Steroid Cycles for Women - How to Start Effectively


Steroids have great potential to help increase appearance of body and even level of performance in every human being. Not only men, but also women are highly benefited by using effective cycles of steroid usage. A number of female steroid helps to accentuate their menstrual cycle, pregnancy and even sex drive. However, increased intake of steroids may even lead to enormous side effects that can also posse as a threat. Therefore, it is always better to follow respective steroid cycles that is prescribed to suit the requirements of bodies of different human beings after consulting an efficient medical practitioner.


Initially, just like the dosage of male, women should also start by taking small quantity of steroids for the first few weeks and then offer rest to their body.  The initial week should see an intake of 200 mg steroid variety, which may rise to about 400 mg a week in the third week.


Why is it becomes necessary for women to follow steroid cycle?

Women now-a-days are becoming extensively dependent on several dosages of steroid cycles in order to enjoy their lives and have more fun. Effective steroid cycles help then to enjoy extended sexual drive, programmed pregnancies and even regulated menstrual cycle. During the onset of menopause, women’s body tends to lose vital hormones that are responsible for enhanced energy and the likes. A therapy of supplementary steroid cycle would perhaps be the best alternative for women who are willing to retain their vigor with same intensity.




Women may start to take oral steroid combinations for best results. Since they do not require heavy doses like male counterparts, an oral steroid cycle would not hamper them and they would achieve the results faster than men also.


Women also produce the hormone, testosterone in their ovaries and adrenal gland. However, the amount is negligible when compared to that of men. On the other hand, they tend to generate most testosterone while in their twenties and tend to diminish its effect after reaching menopause. Infusing testosterone during these phases helps to rejuvenate their fertile period and also bears immense positive effects that are otherwise terminated at the onset of menopause period.


How does steroid cycle for women help them?


Effective steroid cycles also help women, as they offer great benefit to men. An expert physician may prescribe dosage for a working steroid cycle for women in order to bring the following changes –


Aroused sexuality

Steroid cycle, especially effective testosterone dosage helps boosting sex drive. Women entering menopause finds their lost vigor with increased libido after undergoing such therapy cycle.


Controlled mood swings

Quality dosage of testosterone helps to increase norepinephrine levels in brain that acts mostly as anti-depressant. Women find soothing effect with lowered anxiety and mood swings after such therapy.


Fitness and strength

Women tend to gain abdominal fat as early as ten years before the onset of menopause. Testosterone therapy or steroid cycles help them to maintain muscular tone and healthier weight.


A few notable steroids for women

It is highly necessary to select the best and effective steroids for women, more than men since almost all steroids contain testosterone, which is essentially a male hormone. In taking male hormone in larger quantity would definitely trigger hormonal imbalance in women leading to disastrous consequences. A number of steroids can therefore be considered to have beneficial effect upon women. They are as follows –



Anavar plays a vital role to develop stronger muscles in women. Although the drug is expensive, it offers great contribution to female body since it does not have any negative impact.


Women use Winstrol cycles in order to cut through any cycle. The drug also does not trigger weight-gain among women. Majority of women using it has not reported any side-effect.


Primobolan is essentially a weak steroid that offers great help in burning excessive fat. Lower dosage of the drug, although expensive than its counterparts, offers tremendous results.


Proper medical advice and guidance is an absolute necessity while undergoing steroid cycles for women. It is important to note that women do not require undergoing longer duration of therapy as men, for completing their steroid dosage cycles.


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