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How to Build a Solid Back – Complete Workout




All bodybuilders must understand something about back: it is very difficult to train if you do not see it during training. After the thighs, the back is the biggest and important group. When you train you must have in mind two things: the size and density, and if you have them then you should be aware of this great advice too: stay away from the hand leads.

Often the newbie begins their gym work with cosmetic movements such as the neck, breast helcometru tractions. If you really want to gain muscle mass then know all these movements are useless.

Upper and Lower Back:

Upper and Lower Back

Almost all professional bodybuilders know that back is a group that needs to be broadening all the time. Dorsal muscles and especially the lower part, which is often neglected by bodybuilders, rhomboids and trapezius are the ones that have to be trained.

That means you have to do traction at fixed bar and exercises with weights bars. Even already formed bodybuilders continue to work their backs based on growth idea and only around a contest they perform those movements necessary to give definition and separation of a champion.

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Professional bodybuilders will tell you that to be able to handle huge loads you must have a strong abdomen to better stabilize your torso. Once you have enough strong abdomen you can first perform an exercise for lower back that will prepare you for the superior back. This is a kind of heating stage.

Exercise is usually hyperextension of the trunk and you can do 5 sets of 12-15 reps very slowly with hands after neck. When you do movements raise your torso as up as you can while maintaining your heels, knees, and basin a fixed position.

How to Build a Solid Back - Complete Workout

Sometimes you can do super series of this exercise with trunk lift from the inclined plane (for abdomen) to strengthen this area of your trunk. Further, move to a fixed bar and do tractions for enlarging your superior part of dorsal muscles.

When does this movement draw yourself with the chest under the bar contacting hard your dorsal muscles and to return completely extends the arms forward drawing after them the dorsal muscles?

The most useful exercises for building your back muscles are barbell shrugs. One of these exercises is T-bars rows. When doing T-bars rows at 90 degrees ensure that bar weights will allow you to perform the exercises correctly. Thus you will gain too big profits: the first is muscle will benefit from right movement ensuring its growth and the second is you will be safe from injury.

Always pull the bar till the stomach, because muscle is then contracted to the fullest. Do not ever let down the bar during a set. Instead of this, you can do one arm dumbbell rows. For this movement keep the spine straight and look forward. For this first category, you can perform 6 sets, pyramid weights as the way to work 8-10 reps per set.

seated rows

Next type of back exercise is seated rows. It is a very good exercise for the central and external dorsal muscles. Perform the movement by pulling the cable up to the chest. In order to make it more effective try to keep legs are bent and to the cable (knee high) heels and push device. For a correct execution here increase the number of repetitions from 10 to 14, perform 5 sets total.

The last exercise is bar straightening at the Smith device. Try to work about accurate and perfectly controlled 10 to 12 reps with weights that suit you perfectly.  Your knees bend, thus lower back works greatly.

If you are a professional bodybuilder then pre-competition training begins with 10 weeks before the contest and then work back to cable exercises to increase your muscle quality. The total number of sets for the back will be increased to 30-35.

Otherwise what you eating is very important, because the quality of food consumed is much higher now than in season table.  You should be aware that training hard is a waste of time if you do not eat properly. It means a lot of healthy foods to build back and entire body. As an example could be boiled egg whites and turkey. Since you can not consume only this source of protein you can eat and fiber meat as beef or pork and less often fish.

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Among all muscle groups back requires the greatest amount of work. When working back you train as well deltoid muscles, trapeze and arms muscles (especially biceps). That's why when you work back you should contract strongly, and feel that they work without involved too many neighboring groups.
All these exercises should be performed properly, without cheating or skipping exercises and you get a solid back in short terms.

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