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Unusual Methods to Build Muscle Mass




There are many methods to build muscle mass that are not commonly used. These methods can be used to train muscles and make them grow. Some of the ways that you might not have heard about before include:

  1. Drinking a gallon of milk a day
  2. Eating raw eggs every day
  3. Doing 500 pushups a day
  4. Doing 500 pullups a day
  5. Doing 500 squats a day
  6. Eating nothing but chocolate for a month
  7. Spending an hour in the gym every day

Unending Thirst To Build Huge Muscle

Nowadays, bodybuilders are constantly searching for new, more functional training methods. Th s in the last few years, new training techniques have been invented and developed that imply the advantages of the old ones and their novelty.

Let's take a closer view of some of them, considered the most effective.

Band board presses are one of those exercises.

This exercise belongs to the bench press laying category exercises and focuses on the triceps muscles. You can begin with three boards, decreasing their number to one board. In essence, you have to place 1-3 panels on the chest to shorten the duration of the exercise.

This is an assisted exercise; thus, you always have to be someone to keep them on your chest. This method used to build muscle mass was initially developed for power-lifters, and after body, builders took this. It is addressed primarily to those with weak triceps, which can draw away the bar on the chest, and the bench press lying position but can not pass the dead halfway point.

Place the boards on your chest; you will directly target this issue because you will train priority on that part of the movement. Do not forget after this exercise to make some complete series without boards; do not lose the power you have at the bottom of the action.

Barbell Pad Extension:

Barbell Pad Extension:

This method involves attaching a pad to the barbell and is used only for laying barbell extensions horizontally, inclined, and declined. The residence is placed on the center bar so that when the bar is lower on the chest, it is crushed between the trunk and the barbell. The compressed pad will generate recoil that will help to get the barbell off the box quickly.

This method helps to do more reps with the barbell, especially the horizontal bench, so you may feel quite good, whereas more repetitions of the same weight mean increasing your muscle mass. Bar ell pad extensions have the maximum efficiency with medium weights since, without a pad, they can only do up to 8-10 repetitions.

Exercises Using Chains:

Exercises using chains

Chains perfectly fit several exercises like barbell push presses, squat barbells, curl barbells, parallel dips, straightening, and barbell push presses for shoulders. In a sense, the body has more power when the barbell departs from the ground.

This method bodybuilders use to build muscle mass consists in attaching to the barbell or the body a hard, long enough so a part of it stays on the ground. When the body/barbell on which the chains are attached gets up, it is raised more chains increasingly from the soil, increasing the lifted weight.

Need to Build More Upper Body Muscle

Generally, everyone is more vital at the top of these kinds of movements, but there has not yet been a way to increase the weight of each repetition.
Let's take, for example, squats. If you perform them to the ground, the maximum weight from the lowest point is the ultimate. At the top of the movement, you can use much more weight. This works in the case of parallel dips and other exercises.
Performing these chains exercise to solve this problem allows you to use a more significant weight in points where you are more robust.

This method is excellent for muscle stimulation and is highly appreciated by all bodybuilders.

You can achieve great results using these methods, whereas muscles are strongly stimulated during their performance.  There are essential ingredients like proper nutrition, enough rest, and intake of some supplements that will ensure your success.

Using Ropes to Build Muscle

Ropes have been used for centuries to help people build muscle mass.  Ropes are versatile tools that can be used in many different ways. They can be used to create exercises that engage the entire body, like the L-sit pull-up, or they can be used to focus on specific muscles like the biceps and triceps.


A wide variety of exercises can be done with a rope.  These include pull-ups, pull-downs, and dips/bench dips.  The anchor can also create activities that work specific muscles, like the biceps and triceps.  Examples include an activity in which the arm is extended with the rope held across the chest (biceps) or at shoulder level with both arms straightened out (triceps).

Ropes can also be used for rehabilitation and rehab action exercises. Examples include a simple hip abduction exercise, a strengthening exercise for the lumbar region of the spine, or an exercise to improve neck mobility and decrease stiffness in the cervical spine.

Ropes can be made from any solid material to resist cutting. Typical types of strings are nylon (polyamide), cotton, polypropylene, jute, paracord (or para-cord), or hemp rope.

The rope used in most gymnasiums to build muscle mass is a cotton or polyester r rope. Alt ough pitch and tar are often used to seal seams, and strings are sometimes filled with wax, oil, or another lubricant.

Conventional Vs. Assisted Muscle Building Techniques

It is important to note that these strategies will not work for everyone and the best way to find the right approach is by trial and error.

The bodybuilding methods are as diverse as the bodybuilders themselves. The most common strategy is to train with weights 3-5 times a week, but many other techniques can be used.


We should not consider these techniques used to build muscle mass as a replacement for human bodybuilders. They assist bodybuilders by getting rid of monotony and generating content ideas at scale.

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