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How to Build Strong Hamstring Muscle?



How to Build Strong Hamstring Muscle?

There are many articles dedicated to how to build thigh muscle. But you will not find so much information about the training of back thigh muscles in particular, or also called hamstrings muscle. This region is often deprived of load, consequently, under-developed.

If you have a clear less developed back of the thigh, than you have to devote a separate workout to this region and train only it in that day. This will serve as a guarantee that you have worked with a maximum concentration, without thinking about another type of exercise that you have to do and save power by performing them.

Have to be said that thigh muscle is composed of two categories of muscles: the hamstring group and the quadriceps group. The hamstring group is the back of the thigh while the quadriceps group refers to muscles of the front of the thigh.

So, further, in this article, we will talk about a set of exercises that proved to be very effective in building back of the thigh muscle.

First in this list is leg curls in the simulator.

leg curls

This exercise is very effective in the initial stages of training for production of nerve-muscle connections since it involves the hamstrings to work. At a more advanced stage can be used in the power mode, for example, after a warm-up is performed by the formula of five sets per 6 up to 8 reps.

You have to know that performing less than six repetitions of this exercise is impractical, since the load on the hamstrings and passing next to them the blood vessels may be excessive. It can be used too at the stage of high training in pre-competitive,  performing a high number of repetitions up to 20.

Leg curls are used also to correct the shape of the back of the thigh. If you use an advanced trainer with variable angle of the starting position, then to focus on the lower part of the back of thigh you have to use down position of the lever adapter.

The average position of the adapter-lever take off the load from the bottom of the hamstrings and focuses on the work of the middle part of the flexors. The highest position of the adapter-lever accentuates the burden on top of the flexor muscles, where the gluteus maximus fit with the top of the hamstring.

When using a simulator with a constant starting angle accentuate movement in a particular phase of the amplitude. For example, to remove the load from the bottom of the flexors, do not lower to the end adapter-lever. If you need to shift the focus to the top of the flexor muscles, then work only in the upper two-thirds of the amplitude, avoiding even a small separation of the pelvis from the bench simulator.

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Bending One Leg in The Simulator:

Bending One Leg in The Simulator

From a biomechanical point of view, this exercise is absolutely identical with two legs bending version. The difference is that when working with one foot, you can much more closely focus on the hamstrings and, consequently, a fuller examination of it.

Scissor Squats:

Scissor Squats

When performing this exercise the athlete take a long counter, where the shin of standing in the front leg is inclined to back at the 70- 80 degrees. Back foot stop is on the toe, the heel is raised and is not lowered until you need to change feet or you have done the exercise.

The main difficulty in mastering this technique of exercise is to perform squats straight up and down, without the slightest movement back and forth while holding the body straight up and down deep enough.

Even with strict adherence to this technique the first two or three weeks, you will have to work actively hip extensor hind leg. At the initial stage of mastering this technique often occurs an effect of driving around of the legs. We must avoid excessive force on the toe of the front leg, usually occurs when the body is tilted forward.

Keep your body straight, hold strictly vertical direction when performing squats. Such kind of exercise can be perceived as somewhat squat down and back. The width of the foot at the front is about 30-40 cm, legs do not stand in line.

This kind of exercise is advisable to perform no more than 10-12 reps. The difficulty of mastering this technique of execution is compensated by the efficiency of this exercise for the development of the middle and upper parts of the hamstring.

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Scissors Squats to Smith Simulator:

Bending One Leg in The Simulator

According to biomechanics, this exercise is very similar to conventional scissors squats. The main difference is that clear t direction selected by Smith simulator, allow you do not struggle with keeping balance, and focus entirely on exploring muscle groups.

Dead Thrust or Deadlift Exercises:

Dead Thrust or Deadlift Exercises

It is the most effective exercise for the back of the thighs, in any case, it has the highest power ratings. In this exercise uses large enough working weight, for example, 140, 170 pounds or more. The main condition for the proper technique is straight, somewhat arched forward and back and straight, maximum rectified knee joints of legs.

During exercise is important to avoid bending at the lumbar back, there should be only one axis of rotation by lowering and raising the projectile - the hip joint. Lowering the body appropriate to carry only up to a horizontal position, not below. In general, the amplitude of the motion must be the same as what you allow your flexibility.

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This means that you have to lean forward and down with the rod in your hands so low (but not below the horizontal position of the body), how do you do it, keeping an upright position back and legs. A sign of proper execution of the exercise would be the feel of tension load on the back of the thighs.

From the average level of training during the development of exercise and increasing operating weights is advisable to bend your knees when performing deadlifts. This technique removed unnecessary burden to the hamstrings.

This happens although some athletes are working with two hundred pounds or more on completely straight legs. Deadlifts include in work the bottom of the hamstring, so very tall athletes should pay attention to the degree of bending your knees - excessive bending, which undercharges lower head hamstring may increase taper hip from the side view. In any case, bending the knees should be small, the knee should be moved forward by 5-8 cm.

The greatest impact of the deadlifts has an on middle and upper part of the hamstring, in fact, its basic, the most massive land. Unfortunately, improper technique can significantly reduce the impact of any, even the most effective exercises.

For example, in case of deadlifts correct technique assumes the maximum switching back of the thighs at the lowest possible involvement of the extensor muscles of the back and pelvis, such as the large buttock.
This is achieved in such a style technique, in which the body is accompanied by a lowering of the maximum retraction of the pelvis back.

You have to slowly lower the body naturally leaving the legs and pelvis back and it is important that during this movement back legs and pelvis were in amplitude such that they must be forced to maintain a balance - and no more.

As soon as you go back further than it should be, much of the burden will fall on the lower back and pelvic muscles. When lifting up the body let your hips remain in the rear position as long as possible in terms of disequilibrium.

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It will be wrong when come back to vertical position to fully straighten the body, or that is a common mistake to reject body back even further vertical. Such a movement is more specific for powerlifters, to show the judges that the weight is recorded to the deadlift.

Hamstrings work in all cases when it changed the angle between the femur (thigh) and the body, that is, in all forms and types of sit-ups in a wide stance, tilt, hyperextension and presses down with a broad statement of the feet. Thus, in case of all these exercises, the muscles or the back of the thigh work very actively, or, at least, receive substantial indirect burden.

As you see there is the very effective exercise that can help you to build strong back thigh muscle. All you have to do is to perform them in the proper way. As you know a successful training hardly depends on the correct technique of execution of the exercise. Moreover,  reserving a once a week or two weeks training for building hamstrings muscle would be a very efficient method to get this muscle growth.

So, do not believe those who said that these this group of muscle cannot be built the way you want it. You can do it, just put into practice above exercises and be persistent. Nothing gets easy, and if it is then there are big chances that you will lose the same speed you get it! Building a nice lean body is a long way and you have to be ready for this!

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