Top 3 Tricks to Build Muscle Fast

Top 3 tricks to build muscle fast

A nice physique makes you more confident in yourself. Being aware that you look great gives you more courage, and thus you do thing that you would not try before. This is one of the main reasons for coming in the gym and starting a complex workout routine. But, when it comes to build muscle, the time you have to spend on it plays a big role. Everyone wants to get nice shape within the shortest time. They look for training programs that promise big gains within 30 days. But, is it really so? It is possible to build muscle pretty fat and if yes, how to do it?
First of all, building muscle is not as easy as it may seem when you look on specialized magazines. Despite those big guys claim they gained muscle pretty fast, be aware that they do it for their entire lives. Along with taken supplements, they dedicate a long of time to heavy training. There is no a wonder pill or program that makes your muscles grow alone. Heavy training combined with proper dieting is the right path toward building muscle quicker.


The speed you pack on muscle directly depends on your genetics. For a hard gainer is quite difficult to add some pounds, while others have no problems with it. The problem is that the last ones are prone to gain more fat instead of muscle mass. And here is the point when lifting weights and cardio exercises have to be carefully mixed.
Generally, when it comes to build muscle fast it all boils down to do it properly. Knowing how the building muscle process happens help you to do things right, and avoid mistakes that keep you far from what you want to achieve. There are hundreds of training programs that claim to give impressive results. As a beginner you feel confused about what to choose and give chance to ones that promise the most within the short time. Maybe you are right, and things will go good. You just have to know that regardless of training program routine you decide to follow, there are some important tricks you have to keep in mind to make your training a success.


Focus on big muscle

Bodybuilders, especially newbies, are tempted to work out small muscle group, as they look thinner. And only after this focus on bigger muscles. This is how you should not do. The write order is big muscles, than small ones. The idea is that when training big muscles in work are involved smaller muscles too. The same doesn’t happen when you choose the contrary way.

By training small muscle firstly you left now energy for more difficult exercises. Isolation exercises are for working small muscles, while compound, or basic ones are for big group muscles.

Squats, presses, deadlifts, and rows are the main compound movements to be included in your training primarily. By doing so you put big efforts on muscles, which will cause more muscle breaks, and in result you get a bigger increase in muscle mass. The target of these exercises is all big muscle group and small muscles as well.
After you have lifting hard, you may go with isolation exercises. Biceps curl or the quadriceps extensions are just two of most common isolation exercises which are easy to do and require not too much energy. Just remember weight lifting exercises are the one who make you bigger. The more you lift, the higher is the muscle building rate. Also, big weights make you stronger as well. This means that you would be able to use higher weights during isolation exercises too. So, this is a full win-win situation.


Increase weights you work with

Especially when do bench presses. Keeping the same weight on your rack for weeks gives you no results. In order to grow our muscles needs to put a continue stress on them. Otherwise they simply get addicted to this level of stress and reach the so called plateaus. Every time you get stuck to into a level with you muscle gains and no improvements are seen you are going through a stagnation period. It causes many bodybuilders to abandon trainings, as they lose confidence in their self.


Well, it is not the case to fall in other extreme and use weights too big for you. I know you do not do it, but i met people adding big weights from the very first training session. What happens is easy to guess: in best cases strong pain in the muscle during the next few days, and in the worst cases serious injuries. Once you get injured you may be obliged by situation to stay out of the gym for entire weeks or months. Have to be insane to want it?!


Increase weight gradually. Use to add 5-7 pounds to your weights with every week during 2-3 months and see what you get to the final - at least 40-50 pounds.


There are three variables that you have to take in consideration for keeping your muscle growth: increasing the weights you work with, increase the number of reps or the speed with which you are executing movements. All of them are able to keep you muscle into a continued stress stage, and thus promoting muscle gains. What is the best? It’s up to you to choose, taking in consideration the possibility to even combine them. They are great to diversify your training, if you are that kind of person that gets bored fast.


Adjust your diet to your needs

When building muscle you have to eat a lot. And not everything, but good food that contains carbs, fats and protein your body needs for building muscle and for energy. There is no room for junk food, soda drinks or alcohol, if you are serious about getting bigger. These products just slow down the muscle building process by causing big fat gains.



Have three main meals per day and two healthy snacks between them. East 1-2 gr of protein for each body pound distributed throughout the day. Even you aim to gain muscle mass and not fat, eating healthy sources of fat like Omega 3  is recommended. Also, include enough carbs as they are primary source of fuel for your body. If you limit your carbs intake, there are big chances that your workout come up short of it goal.


Building muscle is not a few months process. It has to be seen as a lifestyle that you choose to follow years ahead. Someone it may takes few weeks or months to get a noticeable improve shape, while others may do it much faster. The bottom line is that with these tricks in mind you will stay away from mistakes that cause you no progress and speed up the muscle building process.

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