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10 Examples of Hollywood Stars Steroid Transformation



10 Examples of Hollywood Stars Steroid Transformation

           You may have been observing the stars and athletes who transformed their bodies a lot for the diverse purpose. When you see such a big change in someone within a very short time period, you ask, if the people have been on steroids. Hollywood Stars Steroid Transformation.

            The same is the case with Hollywood stars, they people experience steroid transformation for movie roles and it looks like it’s a sort of game for them. There are a number of people who don’t believe that steroids can help you more than magic but this is a reality. It works like magic and the most important thing in this regard is its speed.


             You get the speedy results and this is one of the most important reasons for which Hollywood stars gain incredible muscles and lose fat, merely to fit in a movie role. As a matter of fact, such quick changes aren’t possible without steroids, without a short time span.

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List of 10 Hollywood Stars Actors on Steroid

Following is the list of 10 Hollywood star actors on steroids that experience steroid transformation.  

  • Gerard Butler:

           At the time when 300 came out, everyone’s response was like wow. The people were not ready to believe that Gerard Butler gained so much, merely like magic for a movie role. The steroid in Hollywood is used to transform the body of actors transformation in the case of this Hollywood star was dramatic and it shocked everyone.

            Following is the picture for you, if you haven’t noticed it before or haven’t seen the movie. Steroids in Hollywood are used to transform the body of actors and Gerard Butler is one of those actors who used steroids and transforms himself. 

Gerard Butler

  • Chris Hemsworth:

           The transformation of Chris Hemsworth was much more interesting for the reason that he gained a lot to fit in a role and successfully did this. Both the muscle gain and weight loss, in this case, were simply amazing. Here is a picture for you to observe. Chris Hemsworth's name also comes on the list of actors on steroids.

Chris Hemsworth

  • Mark Wahlberg:

            For the movie pain and gain, mark Wahlberg needs to get bigger it was a sort of big challenge to him and he did it successfully. Other than steroids, he said that he took an abnormal diet and has had daily workouts that help him to gain much. The steroid transformation before and after picture of this amazing Hollywood star is following:

Mark Wahlberg

  • Tom Hardy:

        For the Batman movie, tom hardy gained huge abnormality with the steroid transformation. Have a look at the before and after pictures of him.

Tom Hardy

  • Christian Bale:

            One of the leading examples of Hollywood stars who gained lots of weight but took a very short time to do that is Christian Bale. The most amazing thing is that he gained lots of weight with very minimum fat. Have a look at the picture below to observe the amazing steroid transformation of Christian Bale.

Christian Bale

  • Brad Pitt:

        Brad Pitt showed up an amazing change within very few months and it does simply seem unbelievable. The steroid transformation worked like a magic for Charlie Sheen.  Within a very few months, he showed the amazing and incredible results of steroid transformation. Look at the picture below and judge yourself.

Brad Pitt

  • Jason Statham:

         Like all other Hollywood stars, Jason Statham also proved the steroid transformation one of the most amazing things to work like a magic in transforming yourself.

Jason Statham

  • The Rock:

           When you see a picture of him, you don’t believe his words. Such a transformation within such a short time span isn’t merely possible with workouts or diet etc. For film preparation, he took anabolic steroids to transform him into an amazing bodybuilder.

The Rock

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  • Jack Hugh:

       With the steroid transformation, the Xmen Logan makes history.  This much change is merely impossible without steroids. You can also look at the given picture below to observe the transformed Jack and compare it with one in the past.

Jack Hugh

  • 50 Cent:

          Curtis James Jackson III showed an amazing change after having steroids to achieve the purpose. The people were amazed to see the pictures of 50 cents as all of them were simply unbelievable and amazing. If you haven’t seen the steroid transformation of 50 Cent  have a look:

50 Cent

Final Thoughts:

         Steroid transformation has become really very common in the present age for the reason that it works like a magic formula. Not merely the normal people, but the stars use for fitting in an upcoming movie role and surprise people with such an amazing transformation results.

            Though there are different points of view of different people regarding steroid transformation.  As a matter of fact, people believe that if you want to assure your superhuman level of the growth of muscles, there is nothing like steroids that can help you more than anything else. Now people believe that the diet and workouts are incomparable with the steroid transformation and all the stars listed above are the true examples.

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