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How to Avoid Injuries in Bodybuilding



How to Avoid Injuries in Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding is a very traumatic sport, but there are many possibilities to minimize the risks of injuries if you comply with some very important rules. Major injuries in bodybuilding affect athletes during their first year of experience. The main reason is that they pay more attention to complex exercises and not always follow the correctness of its execution. In many cases, injuries are caused by the lack of basic rules of training and this is what we are going to talk further.

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The system of training in bodybuilding includes some very important components, among which are an adjustment the periods of rest and stress, execution of procedures aimed to prepare the muscles for loads and technique of exercise execution.

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Usually, a newbie athlete comes to the gym only with complex exercises necessary for developing muscles, begin to perform this complex, and absolutely forget about the intervals between sets. Some of these athletes just do all the exercises in a row, completely forgetting about the need to make a pause for resting.

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This may not only result in loss of any positive effect but even more, there are big chances of getting injured. The athlete gets tired and loses control over the correctness of the exercise.The second category of athletes forget about doing the exercises, they get so excited talking with friends, that during the break time muscles get too cold and the athlete may get injured.

How to Avoid Injuries in Bodybuilding

In order to avoid similar situations try to strictly control the time of rest, the ideal is a timer that tells you about the end of the break. Pauses between sets should be between 30 seconds to 3 minutes. It all depends on what exercises you are doing and what training mode you use.

Preparation of muscle to the load is the basics of any sport.  Very well warmed-up muscles are much easier to accept the load. The preparation can be divided into two phases warm-up of the whole muscles and warm up of separate groups just before the execution of the exercise.

Implementing of these actions will not take you much time, but to avoid injuries. Do not follow the proper technique of exercise execution is a major cause of injury in bodybuilding. Therefore, once starting to perform a particular exercise, it should be clear how to do it.

Beside this, you have always to control the muscles during the training, not to be distracted and not exaggerate with loads. Keep in mind that the average weight you can lift without risking to get your spine injured is 20 kg. Also, keep your back straight right when performing exercises which involves the spine, as in case of squats over the head.

Here is some major injury in bodybuilding that can cause serious health problems:

  • Back injury is caused by the wrong exercises. For avoiding this always when you work with loads on back keep in tension the latissimus dorsi muscles.
  • Forearm injuries. To avoid this always try to strengthen forearm. Never fix the wrists with an elastic bandage, whereas it causes the weakness of the muscles.
  • Hand injuries are usually caused by using the training the technique of cheating. If you are not ready for this technique try to perform exercises clean, using a reasonable weight for you.
  • Legs injuries may be caused by an insufficient warm-up prior to exercise and by a wrong shoe. It’s highly advisable when training the legs to choose a shoe which has a heel, not less 2 cm.

If you want to avoid injury in your attempt to build muscle mass then you have to pay the same attention to this subject as to set of exercises. Only this approach will help you to maintain you healthy.

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