5 Ways to Tell If Your Gear is Expired or Unusable

Gear is an effective bodybuilding supplement that is used to build lean muscles at a rapid pace. It is not harmful to human health like other steroids that are used by bodybuilders or people who just go to the gym to stay in shape. Gear is effective in providing the body all the essential nutrients that are needed to increase the mass of muscles.

All over the world, avid fans of bodybuilding are using gear to provide their body all the essential nutrients that they cannot get due to protein-deficient diets. Normally it is recommended to use gear between meals since it ensures that your body’s nitrogen level stays best all the time. Gear is expensive, and sometimes people store it after buying it in a bulk. There can be several reasons for not using gear after buying it. The problem is that people can’t really tell whether the gear is expired or not? Keep in mind that expired gear can be bad for your health and of no use since it loses its potency.

Here are 5 ways to tell whether the gear is expired or not:


By law, every manufacturing company has to mention the expiry date on their products. So, do not buy a product without an expiry date (the product can be fake). To tell if your gear is expired or not, you have to look closely on the packaging of your gear. Normally, the expiry date is mentioned in small letters, a consumer can only read them by looking closely. Sometimes, there is only manufacturing date mentioned, you’ll have to read the description on the packaging since companies do mention after how long the product will expire from the date of manufacturing.


Normally a gear can have a slight smell of its own, but that smell is not much foul or unbearable. In most cases when a gear is expired, the smell starts to come out of it. In case bad smell is coming then it means that your gear is not safe for human consumption.


One of the biggest factors that can make your gear unusable is moisture that can find its way into your gear. There are high chances for a gear to expire if the packaging is damaged or you didn’t close the container properly. In most cases, people who leave their gear in kitchen compartments face the problem of unusable gear. It is because the ratio of moisture in kitchen or dark places is more than open places.


An expired or unusable gear can have foreign particles. It is imperative that you check for insects or other particles. The best approach is to throw away the gear if you find ants or other insects or hair.


Sometimes small curdles are formed inside the gear and they are quite visible. There are chances that mold started to grow too. It is best that you throw away the gear since it can be extremely harmful to you even if you remove curdles or affected areas.


All in all, it is best to say that prevention is better than cure, and what better way to prevent a mishap from happening than checking the gear before using it.

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