As time goes by medicines have been improved to aid people with different health conditions. One of the most known medicines is Anavar or Oxandrolone (generic name), which is used by people to recover weight loss due to certain therapeutic conditions such as trauma, chronic infection, surgery and long term use of anavar_180ct_1corticosteroid medication like prednisone and hdydrocortisone. Likewise, Anavar is used to soothe the pain in the bone primarily caused by osteoporosis or bone loss. Anavar is an anabolic steroid and it contains the same male hormones naturally made in the human body.

This type of steroid must be used accordingly. Abusive or inappropriate use of this drug in purpose of improving the physical appearance and athletic performance is very dangerous and could cause serious and fatal problems to health.

Other uses of Anavar:

This part includes uses of Anavar, which are not listed in an approved professional labeling of this drug, but may be prescribed by your doctor or health care professional. Only use Anavar in the certain conditions listed below, but make sure that it is also prescribed by your reliable doctor. Anavar can effectively help to increase height in young women with Turner’s syndrome or genetic disorder.

How to use Anavar

You can take Anavar by mouth typically 2 to 4 times every day or depending on your doctor’s prescription. To avoid stomach pain, it is wise to take Anavar with milk or food. In addition, the dosage depends on your response to treatment and your current medical condition.

Regular usage of Anavar can provide faster effects and many benefits. This type of medication is only used for short-term treatment.  

Usually Anavar is often misused for its muscle-enhancing impact and abnormal behavior like “drug-seeking” is possible with this medication. Avoid taking it regularly, increasing dosage or using Anavar for a long period of time than prescribed. Doing so can cause serious and fatal side effects such as liver disease, heart disease, ruptured tendons or ligaments, stroke and improper development of bones in adolescents. Only use the medication on a given time duration, stop using when so directed.  Moreover, when the condition worsens or does not improve, tell your doctor right away.

The Side Effects of Anavar (See also Warning section)

Among the common side effects of Anavar include skin color changes, oily skin, vomiting, nausea, headache, hair loss, decreased/increased sex drive and acne. If side effects worsen or persist, consult your doctor immediately.  

Keep in mind that your doctor knows exactly why this medication has been prescribed to you. The Doctor can determine if Anavar can give you greater benefits and advantages than its side effects. Some people did not experience serious side effects when using this medication.

After taking the drug when unlikely but serious side effects happen like trouble sleeping/snoring and or mood/mental changes such as depression, anxiety and increased anger, tell your doctor right away.

Possible side effects of Anavar to male users:

For male users, when unlikely but serious side effects happen, such as too frequent/prolonged erections. Trouble urinating and breast swelling/tenderness, consult your doctor immediately. Rarely male users may experience prolonged or painful erection that last to 4 or more hours. If this happens, stop using Anavar right away and seek immediate medical attention. In addition, Anavar medication can lower male fertility and or decrease sperm production. Ask your doctor for more details.

Possible side effects of Anavar to female users: 

"For female users, consult your doctor right away if any or unlikely but serious side effects happen: unusual facial/body hair growth, enlarged clitoris, deepening of the voice, irregular menstrual period and hoarseness."

Anavar can make your body hold on to excessive body water or edema which increases risk of heart failure. When these unlikely but serious effects of heart failure or water retention happen: shortness of breath while lying down, decreased ability to exercise, unusual tiredness and ankles/feet/hands swelling, tell your doctor right away.

Rarely, there is serious and fatal allergic reaction when using Anavar. However, seek medical attention if any of these serious symptoms of allergic reaction happen: severe dizziness, rash/swelling/itching of the tongue, throat/face and trouble breathing.

Some of the possible side effects are not listed above, if you experience side effects not listed above, don’t hesitate to consult your doctor immediately.

Safety tips and Precautions

When you are allergic to Anavar or having other allergies, please tell your doctor before using the drug. Anavar may have inactive ingredients which can trigger allergic reactions and other problems. Give time to talk to your doctor for more details regarding this medication.

Anavar is strictly prohibited to people who have medical conditions such as prostate cancer, breast cancer in men and high calcium blood level or certain mineral imbalance. However, you were had been treated for these certain conditions, you can ask your doctor’s advice if you can possibly use Anavar with the current medical condition you have.



Also tell your doctor about your medical history especially if you have suffered liver problems, high blood pressure, breathing problems (including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease-COPD, sleep apnea), heart disease (such as heart attack, heart failure and chest pain), enlarged prostate and diabetes.

For people with diabetes, Anavar can effectively decrease blood sugar levels. Monitor your blood sugar levels daily as prescribed by your doctor. If you have symptoms of dizziness, unusual sweating, increased hunger and low blood sugar, tell your doctor immediately. Your diet or anti-diabetic medication may need to be adjusted. Also inform your doctor if you’re unable to walk or become bedridden for prolonged time when using Anavar. This way your doctor can check your blood calcium level to avoid any possible health problems.

For older adults, caution is imperative when using this medication as they may have a greater risk for swelling of legs/arms and liver or prostate problems. In children, caution is highly observed because this medication could affect bone development and growth causing them shorter adult height. It is better to have their bone development and growth monitored during the treatment period. Furthermore, Anavar is highly not allowed for pregnant women as this can cause harm to unborn babies.

Anavar is not yet known if it can affect breast milk. However, due to its ingredients, this may affect milk production and may cause unwanted effects in nursing infants. This drug is not allowed when you are breastfeeding otherwise asks your doctor about it.


When you are using Anavar, surely your doctor is aware of any possible drug interactions and have you observed. Do not do anything like stop or change the dosage of medicine unless you have consulted your doctor about it. Tell your doctor of all nonprescription/herbal and prescription products you may use such as warfarin or “blood thinners”. Corticosteroids like prednisone and hydrocortisone may increase risk of heart failure and edema.

In addition, Anavar may intrude with some laboratory tests, including thyroid tests and could possibly generate false test results. Tell the doctors or laboratory personnel that you use Anavar before doing so.

This article does not contain all interactions possible; therefore it is important to tell your doctor all the products you use before using Anavar. Make a list of all your medications and share it with your doctor.

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