How to Boost Testosterone Level In Natural Way

How to boost testosterone level in the natural way


If you want to get bigger and stronger than you have to pay a big attention to the testosterone level in your body. The higher is test level, the easier is to pack on muscle mass, since it is the main hormone in the body responsible for muscle growth. This is the main reason people resort to steroids to build those crazy looking bodies.

The normal level of testosterone in the bloodstream is about 350-1000 of nanograms per deciliter. You can simply get your test level checked by making a visit to your doctor. Going significantly higher or lower beyond these limits is not good for you.  Such signs as fat storing, lack of confidence, depression, poor libido, talk about that your test level is pretty low. Adding some muscle mass in such conditions is almost a utopia, unless you get the situation redressed.

On the other hand, when a too high level of test enters your body (and this happens in case of steroids) the surplus turns into estrogen, and may leads to such diseases as gynecomastia, baldness or hair growth on the body. Naturally you will never be able to reach such level that causes the mentioned effects. While those who use body enhancement drugs are always at this risk.

Test level is affected by your age to. Beginning with you 30s your test level begins to decrease with one 1% annually.  In your late 60’s you may experience a sharp drop in test level. This is the reason it is said that the older you are the harder is to build muscle mass.  It is harder, but not impossible!  There are so many old men who look great at their 70s. Much better than many young men who enjoy a lazy lifestyle full of junk food.

So, you think about getting bigger by increasing your test level naturally.  You are encouraged to do so if you test level is within the normal limits, but closer to lower limit -350 ng/dL.  In case of normal parameters, above medium to high, than you have not to worry about test level and concentrate you efforts on workouts.

There are some very productive strategies to increase you testosterone without the use of drugs.


Here they are:

Lose weight

Researches have shown that overweight people have lower test level. So, if you are serious about adding some muscle mass, you have to cut off fat firstly.  Choose an exercises program that will help you to burn fat quickly and carefully watch you daily calorie intake. Remember, only exercising alone will not help in losing weight, unless you leave the habit of eating a lot.

A sharp lose of weights is not what you should look for. If you think that starving mixed with hard training program is best way to lose weight- you are wrong.  By reducing the calorie intake more than 15% your brains get that you are starving and drop down the production of testosterone.  Be smart and focus on slow but steady weigh losses- no more than one pound per week.

Include in your diet more vegetables

Especially beneficial are cruciferous vegetables- broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, russels sprouts, collards, watercress, kale, kohlrabi, mustard greens and bok choy.  They all contain indoles, helping to remove the bad estrogens from our body and thus increasing test level.  Try to include them in your daily meals throughout the day. Choose the ones you like as to eat them with pleasure.

Take closer eyes to your carbs intake

You need carbs for energy. But too much of them is not good for you test level. Researchers have shown that every high intake of carbs is followed by a significant decrease in test.  Things worsen if you use to eat carbs three –four times a day, which may even drop down the test production at all. So, stay moderate with you carbs intake and stick to one meal per day.

Consume more good fats

Being a reach source of energy such healthy fats as meat, dairy, olive oil, avocados, flax seed oil, many nuts are good for overall health as well.  Also, fats participate in other process, helping the body to absorb other nutrients that you give it. Saturated fats found in meat, eggs, dairy products are also good.

Stay away of hydrogenated fats, or also called trans fat.  They are used to prolong the products life.  Anything that contains “hydrogenated oil” or “partially hydrogenated oil” is better to avoid, as they raise bad cholesterol, and lower the good one.  Carefully read product’s label, as since 2006 all manufacturers are obliged to specify the presence of trans fats.

Reduce stress

Anytime you get stressed, body release a hormone called “cortizol” which has strong catabolic features. It breakdown muscle tissue and affect the testosterone production. Also, it may cause you eat too much and thus gaining extra fat.

Take control of your stress. Chill out and let your troubles affect you less than they do it now. Stay relaxed and you will notice very soon an improvement of your test level.

Concentrate on weight lifting, but no more than 45 minutes

It was proved that after a weight lifting program there is a significantly increase in test level. You also may feel full of energy and a high libido. You are recommended to focus on compound exercises with a few numbers of reps, as they promote high increase in test level than any other related scheme.

Why to keep it 45 minutes short? Because going above this limit cause your body increases the cortizol level, which negatively affects your test level.

Get enough sleep

Sleeping is very beneficial for getting you test level higher. Try to sleep 7-8 hours per night, and even take a nap during the day if possible.  The habit to sleep just 5 hours per night might cause 10%-15% decrease of test level.  Losing weight is also harder when you do not get enough sleep.

The time you get in the bad is not as important as many went us to believe.  Before or after midnight has no significance, just follow you own rhythm.

Have more sex

By having more sex, you increase testosterone in natural way. Focus on it seriously!

So, it is absolutely possible to boost your test level in a natural level.  Make these easiest, healthiest ways a part of your lifestyle and you feel great at anytime!



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