8 Body Builder Myths Those Are Total Bullshit

Bodybuilding MythsI believe that all the sports around us have their own supply of half-truths and useless lore that are passed on to the neonates as a heritage. But in my opinion, body building can be placed in a completely different contest where one is seen to waste the most of his time thinking, hearing, and reading about the most dangerous myths of all.

Fact is that there is nothing but tons of free advises being distributed in the gyms. If there are taken seriously then these are one of the biggest reasons of setback in the progress. The situation actually leads to the frustration where people think they will hardly gain anything out of all this.

The simple and necessary principles applied to gain healthy muscles include the progressive overload, its intensity, and variable frequency. Let us now talk about some of the myths related to the bodybuilding.

  1. Bigger Muscles Slow Down the People:

Every moment that we or our body makes is because of the muscles that have been bestowed to us by the ALMIGHTY. Ranging from a simple wink of eyelid to a thousand pound leg press, muscles are responsible for motion. The muscle slows down the people is a myth that is being carried from the era when body building was defined as a term i.e. “muscle bound”.

However, in other sports i.e. kayaking to basketball, it has been agreed upon that the stronger athletes perform in a better manner. If you are required to swing the bat in a faster manner, the person needs to have more horsepower. If you are involved in a game where you need to paddle faster, you once again need more horsepower. This required power is offered to the people by pectorals, quadriceps, and biceps i.e. muscles in your body.

Therefore, it is nothing but a myth that bigger muscle slow down the people.

  1. Muscle Turn to Fats Later on:

It needs to be clear in mind that fat tissues and muscle tissues are two different things. It is not possible for one of them to be turned in to the other. This is where the myth originates. Muscle is termed as “active tissue”. It is due to the fact that it needs a lot of energy from the body for the maintenance purposes.

For instance, a pound muscle burns around calories in a day. If you are trained properly and well, then you add 10 pounds muscles to your body frame. In this way, your body will need 600 calories more in a day to maintain the new weight of the body. It is due to this fact that adding muscles is one of the ways of losing body fat.

  1. Muscles need to be shocked in order to be built:

This is something that makes me laugh my lungs out. This myth is that you need to bring change to your exercise and training routine to surprise your muscles. It gives you a fresh reaction if this is done.

Take example of biceps. It is attached between two points while it contracts in straight line direction. Elbow bends when the muscle contracts. Elbow always bends in the same direction. There is never any variation. So you are capable of lifting the bricks and the bar. So where is the shock? Why the bicep would say, Wow today we lift a barbell rather than a dumbbell.

Muscles are not shocked with any kind of variation in exercise. They have been designed to tolerate such changes naturally.

  1. Lifting does not work the heart:

It is wrong because it works out the heart with a shorter rest periods. It will ultimately increase our heart beat almost more than hundred beats a minute. Remember that any workout that lasts for 20 minutes or more than this with a short break of 1 to 2 minutes is perfect workout for your heart.

  1. Get bigger and cut all together:

Very few people are those who genetically get huge but relatively cut. On the other hand, for the regular people it is necessary to add to our muscle mass and ultimately cut down the body to fat % to accomplish the desired body shape.

The secret behind is that when you work out to build muscles, it is suggested to stay almost 5 pounds overweight. So when it is the right time to trim your body down, you will have easier time to do so.

  1. Steroids and other supplements are taken to get cut and big:

Taking steroids or supplements is not recommended at all. Moreover, taking these without any routine workout is of no use rather it can be deferring for the health. Steroids are known to have several side effects that are at times even life threatening. In worst scenarios, at times using these steroids without training does not get muscle growth but causes side effects only.

  1. Body builders are nerds:

So it is a constant throb to judge people harshly. So what we do is, we say he is skinny. He must be taking care of how to have some flesh. If someone is giant, with bigger biceps, we say that he needs to tone them to look normal in the public.

  1. Body builders are exhausted:

When there remain few months in the competition, body boulders begin to cut. In some cases eating more is one of the best ways of doing so and in other cases it is not. So when you cannot eat what you want to then you become frustrated, and irritable. It makes the people feel as if the body builder is exhausted. In fact, this is not the case at all.

To conclude if you are a newcomer in this field, then you need to get rid of all these myths if you want to reap the fruits of your efforts.

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