4 Reasons You’re Not Achieving Your Gym Goals

Are you assessing as being still far of your dream body? Have it seem almost impossible to you to get to the point you so proudly and hopeful set for this year?  Answering “yes” for both questions means dealing with some training and dieting troubles that are not easy to overcome. Read further this article to find basic mistakes most of trainer do in the gym and outside it that prevent them from fast advance in reaching their goals.

Who has not set a fitness goal for 2015? Almost everyone of us, i’m pretty sure. Some of them are more modest, while others are very bold. The good news is that you have one and are prepared to work hard to do it.

Small escapes from good diet and workout routine are not only your sins, we all admit them from time to time. But as long you are aware of what you things will go in the right direction.

The truth is that life is a endless learning process. You may be encouraged to learn from your own mistakes, but you lose time, gain many frustrations and in worst case abandon the idea of training at all.

Wouldn't it be much better to learn from others mistakes and experiences and just implement them in your program? Walk into the world of dieting and working out for a great body with the right foot and remove following errors right from the game start.

1.Don’t have a concrete goal and the lack of commitment to it

To take you body to another level you need a strong plan. The sooner you start planning your workout and diet routines, the sooner you will begin acting toward your goal. Once you have a concrete plan, establish training schedule and what concretely you will do during each training session.

Whether it will be a three times per week training or twice, clearly set out group muscles to work out and types of exercises. Regardless of what you choice, just make sure you visualize your week by week training and diet as well.

A goal without a plan is just a wish”. Have a plan, schedule it in details, commit to it and soon you get visible results.

2. You try to totally change your lifestyle

Opt for slowly adding new foods into your life, than suddenly exclude all bad foods from your diet.

Opt for slowly adding new foods into your diet, than suddenly deprive yourself of all foods you get used too.

Suddenly remove of all bad foods you was so long addicted too is not gonna work for long time.

Several weeks later you may find yourself returning to old habits. And this is because these habits are ingrained in your lifestyle and is very hard to totally get rid of them.

Don’t act like this. Give your body time to switch to another style of eating and acting. Start not with taking away all bad foods, but by adding one by one good ones in your diet.Be sincere about Nutrition, Slowly introduce natural protein and veggies foods in your diet. Begin to go to sleep early and be more consistent with your exercise program.

Depriving has a more destructive influence in human  mindset, while slowly additions cause us feel more trustful in ourselves.

3.The workout program you follow is too much for you

Bodybuilder-Workout-mainYou may want amazing transformation in shortest time, but blindly following a workout program of popular celebrities is not gonna work at all. The reason is that many of these stars look good and work out for a living.

They do it for years, invest money and time. Their job is too look good, but you are totally wrong thinking that what work great for them, will bring the same results to you.

None of this. Sophisticated workout regimens are not better than basic trainings. If you have to search over internet or other resources to find out what your next exercises is and how to perform it properly- then it’s better leave it and turn to basic one.

The issue with too advanced training program is not only the lack of efficiency, but also risks of injury because of bad technique.

4.Don’t enjoy selected training and diet h1enjoying workout

Strong motivation comes from enjoying what you do. If you don’t like exercising, don’t like eating some foods and do it just for the sake of reaching goal - is better do not do it at all. Coming in the gym or training outside or at home is thought to help you release stress, not to gain more.

Pick up a less complicate exercise program and diet or the best will be to choose one you can sustain and bring into your life for long time ahead. How to find out which one you enjoy the most? Experimenting is one of the way to do it.

5. Exaggerated expectations

Keep your feet grounded in reality when setting goals. Our bodies have unique traits that react different to the same stimulants. What work great for someone, is not going to be as effective for you as well.

Be aware of your individual characteristics when planning your transformation: body type, fat percentage, metabolism rates, life circumstances are just few of main points to take into account.

Have you ever admitted these mistakes? If you have others to add, please share them with us on comments below. We will be glad to hear your opinions and experience.

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