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How to Work a Weak Side of Bicep Muscles?




There are many bodybuilders who struggle the same problem, which is largely discussed in the gym or forums. They have the biceps irregular developed and want to know how they can work this weakness. So, it is a common fact among bodybuilders to have the right bicep a lot weaker than the left one or vice versa. In general, when you are trying to develop a weaker part of the biceps, the best technique is to exercise with dumbbells alternately one arm with other.

Performing a series of one-hand allows you to work with the maximum concentration and intensity, and provides an efficient load on all isolated muscles. This does not allow the stronger part of the biceps to help the weaker biceps, which can lead to asymmetric development. Also, do not forget to turn your wrist while training as the biceps would flex completely.

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One of most common mistake admitted by all bodybuilders who train biceps is the wrong way of doing movements. Biceps workout involves some very specific exercises that have to be performed with maximum attention since the great results in muscles growth depend on correct execution.

You have to follow the right technique of execution, namely this way: keep your elbows motionlessly, slowly lower the weight, instead of dropping it, skilfully applied the principle of shock options. If you will do weight exercise for biceps this way then there is minimal risk to get your biceps irregular developed or even worse to get injured.

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Most of the bodybuilders use forearm muscles when doing curls with dumbbells, beginning the movement as bending wrists with dumbbells, and this is another exercise. Sometimes on top of the movement, rather than to strain the biceps to the maximum, just throw the dumbbell back, using the muscles of the shoulder, while the biceps are relaxed and do not work.

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The most recommended is the principle of peak contraction. It works as following: bending your elbows, strain your biceps as hard as you can. In many cases, the development of biceps muscles is slow down because they are not sufficiently trained intensively. Bodybuilders think that five series for the biceps is more than enough, and in results, they get a shapeless mass of muscles instead of perfectly shaped biceps.

In order to correct the weaker part of biceps are recommended some specific exercises about which we will talk further. These exercises are designed not only on increasing muscle mass but also on getting greater muscle density,  get a maximum muscle convexity, develop of inner and outer parts of biceps.

To Increase Muscle Mass are Recommended Following Exercise:

To increase muscle mass are recommended following exercise:

-Curls with a heavy barbell. If you are an experienced bodybuilder you should know that the rhythm of muscle mass grow directly depends on the weight you are working with. If you can bend your hands with a barbell weight of 110 pounds and exercise for as long as able to work with a barbell weighing 130 pounds, your biceps will certainly become larger. Try using a visualization technique and imagine how your biceps grow to superhuman proportions.

For The Greater Density of Biceps Muscles Do These Exercises:

For the greater density of biceps muscles do these exercises:

-Curls with a barbell or dumbbells, with emphasis on the lower third of the movement.
-Curls on an incline or flat bench for maximum stretching biceps.
-Strict movement with locking elbows on the bench, which allows more efficient loading biceps, especially in the exercises with a barbell.
-After each series of curls with dumbbells, rotate the wrists of 180 ° five or six times.

For Maximum Convexity are Recommended These Exercises:

For the greater density of biceps muscles do these exercises:

-Curl with a dumbbell with a focus on bending the wrist: you turn the thumb out to lift and to focus on the upper third of the movement.
Use the principle of peak contraction: strain the biceps as much as you can at the top of the movement. Also, you can choose to do a series of contractions and relaxations movements.
Keep practicing until you get a powerful pump.

Include in your biceps workout partial repetitions, when lifting weights completely strain the biceps, then lowering it by one-third and rising up to the next full contraction. Repeat this motion 3 or 4 times, then put the dumbbells and posing, tensing and relaxing your biceps.

For the mass and thickness of the outer biceps, you can do barbell curls with the close grip. This exercise proves it effectiveness during the time, and now it is present in all bodybuilding workouts.

For The Mass and Thickness of The Inner Bicep Opt For These Exercises:

For the mass and thickness of the inner bicep opt for these exercises:

-Hammer curls. You will feel during this exercises how during this exercise biceps get a different amount of loads.
-Barbell curls in a standing position.
-Barbell curls on the insulating bench with the wide grip.
-Curl with dumbbells while sitting or standing.
-Curl with dumbbells on an incline bench.

For relief and isolation, you can use super series three sets. Try to use the largest possible number of exercises for the biceps, especially with weights, allowing you to develop your muscles from different angles. For maximum isolation train hands alternately. These exercises are meant to help you to develop weaker parts of your biceps muscles. You need to know that once you notice this issue with your biceps, you have always to start the exercises with the weaker part first.

If you left arm is less developed than beginning with ten curls with this arm firstly, and the move to the right. Along with this, begin to use the less developed arm more than the right one. Continue to work more on the weak side until it equals the stronger side, and once you reach this point, execute further symmetrical movements for both arms.

Biceps muscle is recommended to be trained twice a week,  with three days pause between days. Since there are other exercises that involve in the work biceps muscles too, for example, back exercises, you have to carefully set the workout on this group of muscles. Best will be to do heavy bicep training during the first day, while in the next day the training should be a bit lighter.

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So, if for some reason one of your biceps sides looks underdeveloped than it is time to take control of it and get your weak side as developed as the stronger one is. As we said here the main exercise for this purpose are dumbbells and dumbbell curls, using different variations of these exercises for better results. Also, exercises shared above will help you increase not only a mass of biceps muscles but other indicators too.

Keep in mind that you have to begin exercises with weak side and then move to the second one. Or, in the worst cases, when we have a visible difference between left and right biceps, is advisable to focus all your attention and efforts on the weak side, until you get them equal. From the on focus on an asymmetrical workout for the whole biceps.

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