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Tricks to Make Your Training More Effective



Tricks to Make Your Training More Effective

Like in any other kind of sport, bodybuilding has some specific tricks which help you to grow your muscle quickly. In this article, you will find some great advice on how to increase the efficiency of your training. Here they are:

-For the small muscle groups perform a fewer set than larger ones. It is proved that during the stage of gaining muscle mass have to be performed no more than 4-6 sets for biceps, triceps, trapezius, posterior delta and other small groups, while for a large group of muscles do 8-10 sets.

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-There are few people who know that pulling up is the most effective exercise for back muscles. Especially if you hang the belt weights. Sinking to the bottom point of the amplitude, fully straighten your hands, this way you will reach the maximum of the broad stretch. When lifting try as much as possible arches your back. You do not need to be tightened up to the bar till touch your chin. If you are missing 5-7 cm, this is not the case to worry about. In order to prevent damage to the waist, do not rock the torso.

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-If your chest does not respond to bench press, then try to perform pectoral exercises not horizontally, but on a slightly inclined bench (the angle of no more than 20-25 degrees). Keep the same weight. After 2-3 weeks, go back to the horizontal version. Due to this change, the breast will answer quicker to a new stage of growth.

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-Remember, the priority is always for the lagging muscle groups. Always put them in the exercises for the beginning of the complex. After a rest period or break in the training cycle start training with the lagging muscle groups.

-Try to do not press down a narrow grip and shoulder width apart. This immediately increases the weight of the exercise and, therefore, the triceps receive a new impetus to growth.  Perform wide grip if you have pain in the wrists.

-Never skip breakfast, even if your goal is to lose weight! Rejecting the breakfast, you will greatly slow down your metabolism, including the burning process of fat. In addition, in the afternoon hunger will make you overeat. For anyone who is building up muscle, the breakfast is a vital necessity. Imagine, after slipping you have refused full breakfast and ate later during the day. So it may happen that your body starves too many hours than is recommended.only 11.

-Within 20-45 minutes after your workout eats 50-75 grams of carbohydrates. This time is also called biological window. The organism is particularly sensitive to carbohydrates, and you get a chance to recover the maximum spent glycogen.The ideal would be to drink after a workout carbohydrate sports drinks.

-Since the most common problem of beginners is overtraining, all people want to know how this problem can be avoided. The most useful advice here is do not load a single muscle group twice a week and do not make more than 15 sets per muscle even in the specialized program.

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-If you decide to take creatine, give up the loading phase. Is recommended a 5-day starting loading dose of 20-30 grams per day with subsequent transition to the normal dosage increases the level of creatine in the muscles of no more than the daily intake of 2-3 grams.

-Some people carry a special grip bench presses, which take out from the game the thumb. This is wrong! If in case of normal grip wrist ache, try a special kind of medicine, namely little turn clockwise and then counterclockwise. Just do not overdo it, otherwise, the pain will increase. And in any case, do not try (in order of warm-up), turn down your wrist back.

-When calculating the daily energy needs, take a basis for such a formula: 1 kilogram of body weight = 2 grams protein + 4 grams carbohydrate +  0.6 grams of fat. Fats are best obtained in the form of vegetable fatty acids, which are found in flaxseed and soybean oil.

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-If for some reason you can not get into the gym, replace the iron static to stretching training (20-30 minutes per muscle group). Of course, you will not add too much muscle mass, instead, you will protect you from muscle atrophy.

-Discipline is the key to success. Train, eat and rest on schedule. If you train in the gym chaotic, eat whatever came to hand, and do not rest enough, you will not see the results in a shorter time.

-Do not forget about your neck! This is the only muscle group that is always visible, even in winter. Powerful neck is the card of each athlete. Besides, it perfectly meets the training. Three sets twice a week is enough for great results.

-Eat often! Ideally, should be divided by the number of daily calories into 5-6 meals. In any case, remember: 60% of total calories need to get up to an hour of the day!

-How to choose a mixture of protein? It depends on what goal you set for yourself. If the main goal is the growth of muscles than the best additive is hydrolyzed whey protein, containing not less than 60% protein.

-You have to know that researchers have shown that the ideal time to train is in the afternoon.During this time the muscles get the highest temperature, and the warmer they are, the stronger they become.

-How many sets to perform per exercises per training:  one exercise until the failure or do more exercises? Of course, the right answer is few exercises. To this conclusion came most of the bodybuilders, and it is proved to be the most effective.

Of course, this list of tricks are not exhaustive, but following them, you will achieve great results in a reasonable period of time.

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